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Youth Sports: Tommy John Surgery Next Elective Performance Enhancement…Say What???

So the pendulum continues to swing in the WRONG direction. That is certainly my take on the report from FoxNews.com, Tommy John surgery: The next student steroid? Seriously…are people (student athletes, and possibly some parents) that misinformed and misguided? I suppose so. Take a look at this quote from the referenced piece above: “In a... Read more »

Major League Baseball: Jose Canseco Says “Steroids Don’t Make You a Super Athlete” Using Brother as Proof

No matter where I look, this steroid controversy keeps popping up. Most recently is the Lance Armstrong thing and my highlight on some strong evidence against Lance’s claims of innocence. Now there is this Jose Canseco claim where he points out that steroids did not help his identical twin brother become a superstar athlete, thus,... Read more »

High School Sports: Spina Bifida no Match for Niles North Pitcher James Fuller

This past April must have been inspiration month as another article about an athlete facing tough adversity (and many surgeries) to accomplish something most just take for granted―playing high school baseball. In the Chicago Sun-Times, a piece titled Undeterred by spina bifida, Niles North senior stunning foes on mound highlights the difficulties associated with such... Read more »

Cubs Manager Dale Sveum Inspires Cubs Players to Higher Levels of Performance

In a casual conversation during lunch the other day, a former coach, a fitness expert, and I were discussing ways that coaches might be able to motivate athletes to reach beyond normal limitations―how to inspire them. We all tended to agree that a number of coaches, maybe most, seem to get so hung up on... Read more »

Steroids: Thoughts on Ryan Braun’s Suspension Being Overturned

As I read through the multitude of reports on Ryan Braun’s positive test for PED’s, and the recent overturning of his suspension, I seem to come away with more questions than answers, the most important being: What is the truth? With all the talk of due process in this case, of the technicality that led... Read more »

Sexual Abuse Scandals, Drug Involvement, (HGH) PED Testing, Unethical, Illegal, Unsportsmanlike Behavior: It’s Time to Put an Independent in Charge!!!

It’s not too often I come across a piece, an article, that brings to notion a new idea, or in this case an old idea anew, that actually  makes some sense. Rarely a month, or week, goes by without some terrible sports scandal being plastered all over the news. The recent Penn State, Paterno, Sandusky... Read more »

MLB: Huge Loophole in Major League Baseball HGH Testing Agreement

It appears I spoke a little premature when I mentioned in my piece, MLB Beats NFL in Holding Athletes Accountable for HGH Use, that major league baseball was taking a giant step forward in their approach to testing players for HGH and demonstrating to the NFL how to get the job done. Based on the... Read more »

Major League Baseball: MLB Beats NFL in Holding Athletes Accountable for HGH Use

The MLB is about to take a giant step forward with the new proposed contract between players and owners as they come to agreement on HGH testing. That’s the report out of the New York Times in Michael Schmidt’s piece, New Contract Will Enable Baseball to Test for H.G.H. As far as I’m concerned, this... Read more »

New York Mets Jose Reyes Sets “Perfect” Example

Does that title catch your attention? Help give you some incentive to click on the link and see what the heck I might be talking about?  Were you thinking, “C’mon, after what just happened, Jose Reyes perfect example, really?” If that was your thought, and it is part of the reason you are reading this,... Read more »

Create An All-Star Experience

Prior to selecting Post Season tournament teams the first decision is selecting a Manager and the Coaches. All Star Managers and Coaches are entrusted with the league’s best youth baseball players and it is the most important and visible leadership position within the league. Players will look to them for direction and encouragement and parents... Read more »