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High School: “Commentary: High school sports need re-examination” a little off base

An interesting article by Mike Nichols, at theNorthwestern.com (Commentary: High school sports need re-examination) came across my desk recently causing a deep pause in thought. Traditionally, I don’t comment on commentaries, as I usually write them, however, in this case I had to make an exception. In that linked article above, there are statements made... Read more »

High School: Great Piece by USA Today’s Brennan on Adults’ Bad Behavior in Youth Sports

I truly enjoyed reading Christine Brennan’s piece at USA Today, ‘Rec rage’ by adults too common at youth events, on parental misbehavior in our youth sports culture. It’s certainly been something I’ve discussed on many occasions over the last several years and it’s nice to see the issue being addressed further by an online source... Read more »

Guilt by Association in High School Athletic Codes Must Include Common Sense

As is the case at times, a legitimate circumstance or situation arises, placing into question a “rule” or expectation a school has for its students―in this case, student athletes. This circumstance can cause a shift in the thought process of the governing committee who oversees this rule. That shift can be so drastic that decisions... Read more »

Nine Important DONT’S for Parents at Competitive Youth Sports Events

There have been several occasions, in looking for sports and youth sports topics to discuss, that I’ve ended up on a site where Janis Meredith (JBMthinks) has published an article. What I find most interesting is that no matter how many weeks go by, eventually, at some point, I end up either back on her... Read more »

High School: Youth Sports - Keeping it Real!!!

    Guest Post by Brie Isaacson Thanks Brie!!! I have been involved with the game of volleyball for the past 20 years on several different levels. I have been a player, coach, club director and parent to a child who is actively involved in club volleyball.  Over this time I have noticed a definite... Read more »

Guest Writer, Naperville Central Coach Brie Isaacson, Adds New Dimension to The Athlete’s Sports Experience

It is my pleasure to introduce to you a new guest writer to my blog. Her name is Brie Isaacson and she is the head volleyball coach at Naperville Central High School in Naperville, Illinois and the club volleyball director at Club 1 volleyball in Plainfield, Illinois. Her athletic experience includes playing high school volleyball... Read more »


It is an extremely exciting time of life as a student-athlete finishes high school and looks forward to college. Having the possibility of playing college sports is a rare privilege and gaining a meaningful education while earning a college degree should be the ultimate goal. Sports is one way to assist in pursuing that experience... Read more »

Sportsmanship at its Finest - Can You Top This?

Over the last several years I have come across some pretty inspirational stories. My recent post on Chrysa Nowell fits that category nicely, as does the Jim MaClaren, Anthony Robles, and Dustin Carter stories. All very inspirational. However, one type of story I don’t come across often enough are the ones that demonstrate the true... Read more »

Dare To Be Your Best...In The Classroom and In Life

“DARE TO BE YOUR BEST” was a challenge issued to all athletes in Part I of this series. Of course, this isn’t only important for athletes between the lines, but in all other areas of their life as well. Young athletes have a tremendous opportunity to BUILD THEIR BRAND. One of the best “brands” to build... Read more »

Dare To Be Your Best!

I often write about the need for athletes to focus on their own personal excellence in their pursuit of success. Positive Coaching Alliance calls it the “ELM Tree of Mastery”. Rather than worrying about the scoreboard, comparing themselves with others, and dwelling on setbacks and failures – players should focus on their own Effort, Learning,... Read more »