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ESPN Radio Host Tony Fiorino Takes Athletic Genetic Testing To Task

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If you frequent my blog at all, it would be easy for you to guess my position on genetic testing as a means for predetermining one’s success in sports. From my perspective, there are just too many other important factors (essential ingredients if I might) that help enable the possibility of athletic achievement, over and... Read more »

Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Robert J. Tozzi Dismisses Genetic Test Claims as Fantasy

In a post last March titled, Attention Sports Parents, Genetic Tests To Determine Sports Superstardom Are Here!!!, I highlighted the new genetic tests available that artfully claim to determine predisposition to athletic prowess, thus, possible athletic stardom. It was in that post I raised my concerns over such testing and the possible consequences that may... Read more »

What Athletes NEED TO KNOW About Alcohol, Their Training, and Competition

In looking through my Google alerts the other day I came across this, Parent Tip: Know! The Athlete/Alcohol Link at the website SouthingtonSteps.0rg. My thinking was that I had come across some very good and pertinent information supporting athletes’ abstinence of the use of alcohol. What I found was not only solid information but also... Read more »

Henry Jackson High School (Washington) Cheerleaders Suspended For Hazing

Follow @KirkMango   Recently reported at KOMOnews.com, Henry Jackson High School Cheerleaders were suspended for “conducting initiation rituals in violation [of] the district’s athletic code.” These suspensions were due to what was called “hazing” type behavior which included making newer squad members “wear diapers,” shooting “them with squirt guns” and hitting “them with hot dogs.”... Read more »

High School Sports: Athletes And Alcohol In The News...AGAIN!!!

Photographs, originally on Facebook, of 11 athletes in possession of alcohol and/or tobacco were recently turned over to Melrose High School (Melrose, MA) administration as reported by myFOXBOSTON.com. According to information currently available, suspensions of these athletes could reach 60% of their athletic season, along with other possible consequences. Here is the news story direct... Read more »

Burroughs High School Baseball Coach Gives Beer To Student Athletes Ending Their Season

With the number of years I have taught and coached (30+ years teaching and 17 coaching), with many as a head coach, it never ceases to amaze me the stupidity of some people, especially those who should know better. Such a case of imbecilic behavior, downright ignorance really, took place recently at Burroughs High School... Read more »

Top Ranked BYU Loses Brandon Davies For Season For Honor Code Violation

Top Ranked BYU Loses Brandon Davies For Season For Honor Code Violation
It is going to be difficult over the next several days, maybe weeks, to not come across a plethora of opinions, statements, and reflections on the dismissing of Brandon Davies from BYU basketball. With March Madness right around the corner and BYU fixing to nab the top seed in the tournament, you would expect nothing... Read more »

High School Athletes And Alcohol In The News Again: How To Make A Difference

 Seven WHS athletes suspended (No Video, Click Above Link)  Eight Seekonk student athletes suspended   These two stories above could have come from anywhere in the U.S., from any town or community, any high school, and on any given weekend. Next week the story could read “Four Student Athletes from ___________ High School in _________... Read more »

The Athlete's Sports Experience Steroid Poll: Should Illinois Test High School Athletes For Steroids?

In January of 2008 the IHSA implemented a plan to randomly test high school athletes for steroid and other performance-enhancing dietary supplements. This is done for teams and individual athletes who qualify to the state finals in their respective sports. (A little different than my suggestions in my most recent piece Patriot Ledger Takes A... Read more »

High School Athletic Codes, Have They Gone Too Far - Opinion Poll

Based on my last piece, School Board President Initiates Change In High School Athletic Code Without Community Input, I thought I would put the question of athletic code consequences for off-campus infractions out there for a vote. Feel free to comment as well!!!  poll by twiigs.com