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High School: Alton High School Takes a Bite Out of Athletes Manipulating Athletic Code

It’s nice to see a high school take the initiative to address the issue of athletes manipulating the consequence after violating their athletic code. That’s the story at TheTelegraph.com in their piece, School Board changes rules for student-athletes. Athletic Codes are something you should certainly be familiar with if you frequent my blog as I... Read more »

High School: Athletic Code Violators Seek New Sports to Serve Consequence, Right or Wrong?

A recent article in the MenomoneeFalls Patch, Should High School Athletes be Allowed to Switch Teams to Serve Out Penalties?, highlights a possible situation that is not exclusive to just the Menomonee Falls high school athletic populous. It’s likely a scenario that’s been played out at a variety of high schools in many other areas... Read more »

Guilt by Association in High School Athletic Codes Must Include Common Sense

As is the case at times, a legitimate circumstance or situation arises, placing into question a “rule” or expectation a school has for its students―in this case, student athletes. This circumstance can cause a shift in the thought process of the governing committee who oversees this rule. That shift can be so drastic that decisions... Read more »

Father Unaware of Alcohol Still Arrested on 44 Counts After High School Students Caught Drinking at Party

According to an Associated Press article in The Washington Times, and a segment on TODAY at MSNBC.com (video below), parents of a high school athlete thought it better to have the celebratory football “party” at their house. A place where they could have control over setting the ground rules for such an event, which included... Read more »

Opinion Poll: Should High School Athletes be Tested for Recreational Drug Use?

In continuation of the idea and concepts presented in my last piece, Recreational Drug Testing of High School Athletes, Yes or No?, I would like to give others the opportunity to weigh in on the subject. Take a stand using the following poll and feel free to support that stand with a comment or two... Read more »

Recreational Drug Testing of High School Athletes, Yes or No?

To clarify, this “recreational drug testing” I refer to in my title goes well beyond the illegal performance-enhancing drugs I normally discuss. It would include ALL substances that a good number of teens today use to get high; alcohol, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, Ecstasy, prescription and nonprescription drugs, and/or anything else that kids are “using” and... Read more »

Geneva H.S. (Illinois) Suspension of Football Players for Alcohol Use Seems Confusing

Actually, it is not the suspension of the players that is confusing, since they were charged with consumption of alcohol by a minor by Geneva police, but a specific statement in The Beacon News piece, Geneva players suspended for drinking, that is perplexing to me. In that piece it states: According to Geneva athletic director... Read more »

“Honor the Code” Pilot Program Hits Four High Schools in Central New York Area

Consistently, and at various times during the year, I make it a point to highlight articles, information, and my thoughts on alcohol use among high school athletes. Most of these highlights focus on high school athletic codes, suspensions of athletes for use of alcohol, sometime parental enabling for said use, along with a variety of topics... Read more »

High School: Alcohol And Athletes Don’t Mix

You would be hard pressed to find high school athletes today, or from yesteryear for that matter, that have not partaken in a little “binge” drinking now and then. Actually, it is probably a misnomer to use the words “a little” and “now and then” in that last sentence, as on just about any weekend... Read more »

Change in Athletic Code Gives High School Officials Autonomy

In a recent article in The Huntsville Item, Athletes target of changes to HISD code of conduct, Meagan Ellsworth highlights the recent change in the Huntsville High School (TX) student athletic code. A change that now gives authority to school officials to consequence student athletes for breaking their athletic code of conduct “even if they had... Read more »