ESPN Joe Tessitore's Statement On Michigan Punter Blake O'Neill

ESPN commentator Joe Tessitore’s much needed statement in the following video clip are right on point. They exemplify what anyone, with some level of common sense, is thinking. AND, you know what…I have something I would like to add regarding Michigan football punter Blake O’Neill’s mishandled punt and the social media backlash.

Tessitore takes issue with backlash against Michigan punter

Until you have traveled THAT path toward athletic excellence (excellence of any kind really), overcome the adversity and obstacles one must face in order to actually reach toward one’s true potential, been in circumstance where a split-second decision or mistake can cost you or your team, until you have actually accomplished something….it is best to back away from the keyboard, keeping any derogatory, unjustifiable, hateful comments to yourself.

Better yet….make something of yourself, help others make something of themselves…..preferably go out and actually DO something so YOU have a better understanding of the PROCESS it takes to do so. Mistakes….failures….they are the foundations for learning that ALL those attaining greatness/success have experienced….one DOES NOT happen without the other.

And, if by very slim chance, you have truly traveled that path described above, and you still feel the need to chastise another’s short-term failure….then to you I say….take a good look in the mirror….for it is YOU who have learned nothing.

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