A CHAMPION is born

There are many inspirational stories in life…the kind that tug at your heart all while demonstrating the enormous courage it takes to overcome adversity.  True champions…they are such, not simply because of the talents they were born with, nor are they defined by the championships they win. They are who they are, true champions, because of what they have on the inside…intrinsic pieces that help to exemplify a certain greatness. An inner excellence that defies any reason…something that pushes the true champion toward possibilities many would see as…simply…impossible. Kayla Montgomery is certainly one of those stories.  

Please…if you do anything today…do THIS…take the time to watch Kayla’s story. You will not be disappointed as it may very well inspire YOU to be something more. AND be forewarned…have Kleenex handy.  

Make NO mistake we are (all of us) who we are based on what we have on the inside…it is what ultimately defines us. And that definition of who we are…that will be based much more on the choices we make, perseverance we apply, and adversity we overcome than by anything else.

Kayla Montgomery…YOU are a True Champion!!!

Thanks E:60 for sharing this story!!!

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