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Parental Focus on Effort Over Talent Key to Higher Levels of Success

We’ve all heard the comments, “Wow, look how talented that player is” or “Geez, is that kid good, he (she) must have tons of talent” or even “That girl (boy) is going to be great someday, her (his) parents were both Olympic athletes.” Yes, many equate high levels of skill and athletic accomplishment with the... Read more »


Yes, that was “Do You!” with an exclamation point  not “Do you?” with a question mark.  If you were to come to one of my young son Tyler’s baseball games, at any point during the game either at the plate or on the pitchers mound, you might hear his Mom implore from the stands, “Do... Read more »

Where Burnout Ends and “Fun” Begins in Sports Participation

Over the last 10 to 15 years, there has been a great deal of interest and publicity over the number of young athletes dropping out of sports or activities. Commonly referred to as burnout, opinions abound over the reasons why this phenomenon has been increasing. Many point to the growing trend toward sports specialization as... Read more »

Much More Frightening Than A-Rod and Ryan Braun's “Lie” of PED Use is…

I wish it wasn’t true, but it comes as no surprise, that Ryan Braun lied about his use of illegal PEDs. And with A-Rod’s suspension likely coming out today…he is in even more hot water, things are getting pretty messy. The abuse of these substances (at the elite level in many sports) has become so... Read more »