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Becoming a True Champion (#BATC) Reader Expresses Opinion

Sometime around last April (just before Becoming a True Champion was released to the public) I was sitting at my keyboard wondering how athletes, coaches and/or parents might interpret the concepts and principles interwoven throughout BATC? Would they understand what I was trying to say…what I wanted to accomplish? Would they see the same need... Read more »

Sports Injuries Not Just a Summer Time Issue

I was recently contacted by Emma Roberts, marketing campaign team member for, regarding an interesting piece they published several weeks ago, titled 15 of the Best Blogs on Preventing Sports Injuries in Kids. She asked if I wouldn’t mind sharing the content here on The Athlete’s Sports Experience. I told her I would certainly... Read more »

“42”—The Jackie Robinson Story, More Than One Message for Today’s Athletes

I absolutely love inspirational stories, especially when they lead to positive and needed change. I just can’t get enough of them. The recently released movie “42” is just such a story as it depicts the tale of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in major league baseball. An athlete of immense ability, Jackie is brought... Read more »

Ohio State Deshaun Thomas Demonstrates Character of a True Champion

In a recent interview on WGN in late March, I was asked by Middday News Anchor Steve Sanders what the difference was between a champion and what I have titled a true champion. My response centered on the idea that a true champion has a very strong focus on the process piece of becoming very... Read more »

Louisville Basketball Faces Adverse Circumstance, Comes Out Shining

Let me start by stating that I am no expert on basketball. Sure, I can tell you when a team is pressing or when a player may be stronger on their right side when compared to their left…but that is about the extent of it. I wouldn’t know the difference between a motion offense, zone... Read more »