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"Most" Valuable?

It’s the end of most high school basketball seasons and March Madness is winding down the college basketball season. We are closing in on “One Shining Moment” while watching the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Only one team in each division gets to cut down the nets, but many more get to... Read more »

“Greatest Inspirational Quotes” a Book for Every Day in the Year

Sometimes…a simple statement can change the direction of one’s life. Motivate them toward more positive, worthwhile ways to make choices. Help them start each day with purpose, and finish that day feeling more accomplished. An inspirational piece one grasps, without hesitation, just for the mere impact and meaning it has for them. This is how... Read more »

College Sports Scholarship More Challenging With New NCAA Guidelines

Early this past February, Chicago Tribune reporter John Keilman published an informative piece titled Bad grades, low test scores can scramble signing day plans. The focus in Keilman’s article was on football, college scholarship and the difficulty today’s football athletes are facing in their quest for a paid college education based on academic eligibility…or lack... Read more »

Good Sportsmanship Still Alive and Well in H.S. to Elite Level Sports

So what is it that separates the champion athlete from what I consistently refer to as a true champion? Many may look at that question and think to themselves that the difference between the two is insignificant, or that there really isn’t any difference at all. Others might see a champion as an athlete who... Read more »