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"Bad Coach"?

This is that time of the year when basketball players and their parents are winding down their seasons. Some have had the winning seasons they expected, some may have overachieved, and others are a little disappointed. there’s a pretty good chance, unfortunately, that those results often determine how a season is evaluated. There’s also a... Read more »

Big Deal!!! Lance Armstrong Used PED’s...So What?

There are those who believe that too much has been made of Lance Armstrong’s use of PED’s, that his recent admission on Oprah was pointless, that his work with cancer through his Livestrong Foundation should supersede all as it has helped so many. There are also those (likely a good number from the same group... Read more »

Great Athletes Use a Special “Type” of Training - Part II

In Part I of our discussion, I left off with all the athletes agreeing that they had performed at least some of their skill set during that prior week’s practice, at its highest level, but had left you hanging a little regarding the more important question. That question: “Ok…good, now how many of you made... Read more »

Great Athletes Use a Special “Type” of Training - Part I

This past summer brought us Olympic champions like Gabby Douglas, Ryan Lochte, Missy Franklin, Michael Phelps, and the like. Many watched in awe over the sheer greatness of their performances. It was an awesome spectacle. Professional athletes like Derrick Rose, Roger Federer, Drew Brees, and Derek Jeter also conjure up feelings of respect and admiration as their performances... Read more »

Sports: Conversation Sparks “Idea,” Inspiring Book for Athletes, Parents, and Coaches

Over this past year, I have spent a good deal of time adding articles to my blog here at ChicagoNow. Pieces that I felt warranted a highlight, articles written to inspire thought and action, commentary (sometimes unpopular) I thought necessary, and writings with the specific purpose of building strong foundations for success…athletic success. My goal…something... Read more »