Sports: Most Inspirational Sports Stories of 2012, It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than These

It’s been an interesting year (2012) of “bad” behavior when it comes to sports and scandals as several high profile cases took precedence, garnering strong media attention. The Sandusky, Penn State disgrace and tragedy certainly topped the headlines for quite a while, as did the Lance Armstrong scandal with all that that encompassed.

Seems there was always someone, somewhere, who had lost perspective on what sports really should be about, or individuals who used their position of power to hurt others in some way for their own personal, selfish gain. And the media just couldn’t seem to get enough of it.

Yet, through it all, there stood several stories well worth the media coverage. Accounts that move one emotionally, leaving readers, listeners and viewers in awe over what happened. I’m talking about sports stories that stand heads and tails above all the muck coming out of a sports culture that seems to be quite a bit off track at times.

Two such stories that stood out in my mind this year, pieces that truly struck a chord with me, were Meghan Vogel’s unquestionable demonstration of character and sportsmanship (highlighted here) and the Rashawn King story of inner will, determination and unselfishness (something I have yet to highlight).

For those unaware of the Meghan Vogel story:

So what you have here is an athlete, a runner, showing an unequivocal sense of character and sportsmanship; someone who KNOWS how to set priorities and has LEARNED all about the “process” regarding what a real champion athlete is all about.

And then there’s the Rashawn King story, one I only recently came across, and one I am very sorry I had originally missed as this young man is outstanding. Talk about sheer inner-will and determination; it is difficult to put into words how awe-inspiring this kid’s story is. I mean really, how many people in this world, athlete or not, could face such adversity, overcome such an obstacle, and through it all still demonstrate an act of unselfishness few can relate to. I think it best to let you see and hear his story rather than review it in writing. The impact it has just warrants such.

So those are my two most inspirational sports stories for 2012…anyone have others to share?

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