High School: Becoming an Individual is Simply a Matter of Choice!!!

As a high school educator, you have the opportunity to witness the growth and development of so many of our youth. It is through these experiences I am sometimes saddened to see a good number of our budding adolescents make choices that they believe establish them as an “individual,” but, in reality, minimize their personal uniqueness.

You see, the secret to truly becoming an individual is not in how we “paint” ourselves on the outside; it is in seeking and discovering the rareness, that sits within us all, which truly sets one apart. In that there is no question.


When individuals base their feelings, opinions, choices, or decisions only on what others believe to be true, normal, good, right or wrong, without giving any critical thought to their real value, then they themselves forfeit much of their own individuality and in turn join the ranks of mediocrity.

        Even though people may think of themselves as individuals making unique decisions when they simply adopt certain behavior demonstrated by their peers, in reality each becomes just another small fish in a big sea of insignificance.

        You cannot really realize your full potential as an individual until you can truly say to yourself that what you believe, who you are, and what you will become is directly related to what is deep within your soul. This is where true individuality is born.

        Anyone wanting to accomplish this must first be true to themselves. For those who live this idea, outside influences become only minor distractions and one’s potential and ability to flourish become limitless.

                                                                                                                                Kirk Mango
Becoming a True Champion 
(Rowman & Littlefield, 2012)

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