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Sports Doping: Everyone Was Doping so Lance Armstrong is Still a Champion…Ah, not really

I will not elaborate too much in this post on my thoughts about Lance Armstrong as a champion (let alone a True Champion) or even a great athlete, other than to say that I cannot…no, will not, put the terms “great athlete” and any athlete, no matter what sport, who “cheats,” in the same sentence... Read more »


As the first academic quarter of school ends and the Winter Sports Season begins I find myself having conversations with students and parents on the topic of their academic performance, participation in athletics, and whether or not the two can have a “peaceful coexistence” in their household.  You may relate that phrase to philosophies of... Read more »

High School: Becoming an Individual is Simply a Matter of Choice!!!

As a high school educator, you have the opportunity to witness the growth and development of so many of our youth. It is through these experiences I am sometimes saddened to see a good number of our budding adolescents make choices that they believe establish them as an “individual,” but, in reality, minimize their personal... Read more »

Doping: The Fallacy Behind “A Policy Allowing Open and Regulated” PED Use in Cycling as a Solution

It is with some dismay that I discovered a piece in The Sydney Morning Herald (an Australian publication) titled Why punishing cyclists over drugs is dopey by Craig Fry. As I read through the piece, what bothered me most is that (without deeper, more global thought) readers will likely come away believing the article’s main... Read more »

High School Sports: Minnesota High School Denies Junior High Athletes Access to High School Varsity Sports

Wow!!! Did not even know there was a state that allowed 7th graders to participate in high school on their varsity teams. Take a look at the video in the following link: Parents File Complaints To Get Young Athletes On Varsity Teams Not sure where to start here. I suppose I should mention (for those... Read more »

Cycling & Lance Armstrong: USADA Releases Evidence of Armstrong’s Misdeeds…Still Many Skeptics

As I pore over the multitude of articles in the media, along with taking a look at the released USADA report (tabbed pdf link) on their evidence against Armstrong (which is extensively powerful in my mind), I can’t help but notice the continued support for Lance in the comment sections within many of these media pieces. Most... Read more »

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs Right Tackle Eric Winston Puts Fans in Their Place!!!

All I can say is…IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! What I mean is that it’s about time athletes started standing up for the “right thing” by voicing criticism toward those who have no clue on what the right thing is. That is my take on Eric Winston’s comments regarding the cheering by Chiefs fans after Kansas City quarterback,... Read more »

Sports, Education & Society: Motivation is Best When it Comes From the Inside

We live in a society that is becoming more and more outcome only driven. Whether it is money, fame, scholarship, prestige, power, etc., there are a good number of individuals who do what they do simply because of the extrinsic rewards that may come out of their efforts; nothing else. This is no less reflected... Read more »

Sports: The Benefits of Competitive Athletic Sports Participation in Today's Sports Climate

Re-post: Popular Post from February, 2010 According to the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS), there were over 40 million boys and girls participating in organized sports in 2008. With numbers like these, which continue to rise every year, it would certainly be of benefit to highlight the positives behind all this participation. This becomes... Read more »

Coaching: Sports Psychologist Dr. Alan Goldberg Knows What Makes a Good Coach

A good friend (colleague of mine) and basketball coach at my school, Kris Olson, sent me a nice commentary on “coaching” forwarded to him (and the coaching staff) by our athletic director Randy Konstans. Needless to say, I found the article very appealing and important enough to highlight here, at The Athlete’s Sports Experience. The... Read more »