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High School Sports: Lifetime Earnings for High School Athletes Higher Than Non-Participants

A recent article on the website by CoachUp sparked my interest. With a title like Youth Sports Participation Translates to Higher Income, how could it not? The whole idea that being a high school athlete increases one’s chances of bringing in more income throughout one’s life (as an outcome of this participation) is certainly... Read more »

Sports Coaching: Part II - 12 Attributes That the Best of the Best Coaches All Seem to Have in Common

Continuing our discussion from Part I of what the cream of the crop (the best of the best coaches) have that others can’t seem to muster, here are the last six. Keep in mind that the combination of all of these together in one individual exponentially increases their effectiveness, thus, giving the “great coach” that... Read more »

Sports Coaching: Part I - 12 Attributes That the Best of the Best Coaches All Seem to Have in Common

Ever wonder what it is that inspires some athletes, and teams, to strive for excellence by pushing the edge of the envelope and going well beyond normal expectations to please their coach? Why some are able to pull from deep within themselves (consistently) insurmountable reserves of energy in order to complete a task their leader... Read more »

Sports: Keep High School and College Athletes Motivated Through Competitive Practice

(Originally published on The Athlete’s Sports Experience on Jun 23, 2010) For many a competitive athlete, just the idea of being able to compete is a motivating factor behind why they play sports; they just love the exhilaration of the competitive arena. It is not necessarily winning that drives them, even though competitive athletes hate... Read more »

Olympics: It’s Not a Silver Lining for “All” After the London Games!!!

I watched Rock Center with Brian Williams last Thursday night with great anticipation. Their piece on what happens to Olympic athletes after the games had special interest for me as I was curious to see how they would handle the topic. Would it be all about the glamor and glitz (and money) awaiting athletes like Michael Phelps,... Read more »


If you are a frequent visitor to this site you are quite familiar with John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success. The “Pyramid” may be the most complete description of what individuals need to strive for in their pursuit of success, which Coach Wooden defines as, “peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in... Read more »

Inspiration: What We Do “Does” Have Impact for Others; You Just Never Know!!!

This past week I was pleasantly surprised, and humbled, to open an email from a former gymnast named Bob, someone five years behind me in school and who competed the same event I was most passionate about (still rings). What I found most encouraging, and rewarding, about his email was how much an interview I... Read more »

Olympics: Blatant Cheating and Winning at the London Olympics Does Not Make a Champion!!!

In Karen Crouse’s recent article, Shades of Gray on Way to Podium, Karen discusses the limits to which athletes will go to “win;” in this case—cheating on the rules of the game. Using various known examples occurring in London  (from the disqualification of badminton teams to a purposeful cycling crash, and even extra dolphin kicks... Read more »

Part II - Olympics: 2012 London Games Bring out the “We Should Legalize Steroids and PED’s” Discussion…AGAIN!!!

Continuing our discussion on why legalizing PED use at the upper level of sports is not such a good idea (Part I here), there are a few other aspects that we must address. Without doing so would leave the conversation incomplete, rendering it much less valuable. Sports Environment The legalization of performance-enhancing drugs would drastically... Read more »

Part I - Olympics: 2012 London Games Bring out the “We Should Legalize Steroids and PED’s” Discussion…AGAIN!!!

As was expected, the London Olympics has again brought to the surface the continued debate over what to do about performance-enhancement drugs in sports. I can’t count the number of articles I have come across the past couple of weeks where the author of those pieces supports simply legalizing and monitoring them, and be done... Read more »