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Olympics: Gymnastics is Unforgiving, But Arbitrary Rules Should Not a Champion Make!!!

Two contrasting stories, one right up my alley because of the adversity she faced and the opportunity that arose in a sport so tough (due to the discipline it takes to be a consistent solid performer); the other tears at my heart as a young lady watches her dream erased; controversially stolen from her. And... Read more »

Olympics: Bulgaria’s Gymnast Jordan Jovtchev Still Has What It Takes at 39!!!

What an awesome display of dedication, of inspiration. A 39-year-old male gymnast making the event finals, at what…just about double the age of his peers, and on the still rings event, WOW!!! And in his sixth Olympics, unbelievable. Being one who knows this event at the upper levels of the sport, I can tell you... Read more »

Olympics: The London Olympics Set to Begin And Doping is Already Part of the Landscape

Let’s start this piece with a number, say…107!!! Those of you following the London Games (opening ceremonies tonight) and the stories of doping that are almost a virtual certainty with elite level athletes these days, probably know what this number represents. If not, well…107 is the number of “hopeful” Olympic athletes who have been caught... Read more »

Penn State: NCAA Hammers Penn State for Cover Up of Sandusky’s Horrendous Sexual Abuses

The NCAA made no mistake in making it crystal clear they will not tolerate the hiding of atrocious acts like the ones Sandusky perpetrated on his young victims. It appears that due to Penn State higher-ups (including former coach Joe Paterno, former university president Graham Spanier… and other Penn State officials) having knowledge of Sandusky’s... Read more »

High School: Alton High School Takes a Bite Out of Athletes Manipulating Athletic Code

It’s nice to see a high school take the initiative to address the issue of athletes manipulating the consequence after violating their athletic code. That’s the story at in their piece, School Board changes rules for student-athletes. Athletic Codes are something you should certainly be familiar with if you frequent my blog as I... Read more »

High School Sports: WARNING – High School AthletesTake Note of What You Consume!!!

In my younger days as an athlete, I could walk into any store and purchase just about anything to eat or drink without concern. Even if I was looking to improve my diet (make it more nutritionally sound), it was unlikely I would have to concern myself too much with what the actual ingredients were.... Read more »

Sports: Part II – “It Is What It Is” vs “It Is What You Make It” Thought Processes in Relation to Athletic Success

In Part I we discussed the advantages of using an “it is what it is” type of thought process with aspects of which an athlete truly has  no control. We also laid the groundwork for why that same thought process can be  a deterrent to an athlete’s ability to overcome obstacles when overused or used... Read more »

Sports: Part I – “It Is What It Is” vs “It Is What You Make It” Thought Processes in Relation to Athletic Success

Over the years, I have heard the statement “it is what it is” being used more and more often. In sports the phrase is commonly used as justification for situations where an athlete might feel little control over a circumstance they are faced with or that affects them. Say you want to be a starter... Read more »

Olympics: Dr. Stan Frager Show (WGTK 970 in Louisville, Kentucky) to Discuss London Olympics with Kirk Mango

Needless to say, I was excited about my invitation to be on the Dr. Stan Frager Show (out of Louisville, Kentucky) as a call in guest to discuss various topics regarding sports, athletes, and this summer’s London Olympic games. It should be an interesting show, at least I’m hoping it is, so stop on buy this... Read more »


People all around the world have different lives, different, jobs, different cars, different homes – but we all have one thing the same and that is TIME. Every day- everyone has the same amount of time. 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day. 86,400 seconds. How those... Read more »