High School: Becoming a True Champion Endorsee NY Giants Punter Steve Weatherford KNOWS Training!!!

What a pleasure it was to see the highlight of Steve on myfoxny.com pop up on my Facebook timeline. As you will hear, the commentator from Fox states Weatherford “is one of the best conditioned athletes, not just in the NFL, but really all of sports.” I would agree. Here take a look:

Giants punter Steve Weatherford on his workout regimen
(it’s worth waiting through the 30 sec. commercial)

You don’t become one of the best in the game at your position through simple dumb luck. Nope, that just doesn’t happen. In fact, as I have said many times before, Greatness, whether athletic or otherwise, doesn’t come from those content on just being, but from those who seek being the difference. Steve certainly exemplifies that statement.

It is an honor to have Mr. Weatherford as one of the endorsees of Becoming a True Champion. Here’s wishing him the best of luck for this coming season and beyond.

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