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High School: Addendum to My Post on Technology, Kids, and Communication

With only one week left before summer break, the “kids” are getting restless. They certainly don’t like sitting for too long, even though final exams are right around the corner and time needs to be spent on review. Most would rather be left to do what they want (even though it would likely have nothing... Read more »

High School: Best College Softball Player’s Olympic Dream Gone, She Must Move On

The article, Ashley Hansen set to give up softball, on was a tough one for me to read. Her statistics (something I will let you get from the article), along with her attitude and character as described in the piece, all seem to be most impressive. It says a lot to be considered “one... Read more »

High School: Olympic Athlete Lolo Jones Has No Qualms With Her Virginity

Whether it is the recent release of my book (Becoming a True Champion), the topics I cover on my blog, or my tendency to stand firm on ideas and thoughts I have on certain issues, I do tend to attract conversation regarding controversial and/or semi-controversial topics. Sometimes they just seem to find me, and this... Read more »

High School: It's Just Our Imagination That Behavior at Youth Sports Events Isn't Getting Out of Hand

So you think all this hoopla about crazy unsportsmanlike behavior is not getting out of hand at youth sports events? Watch this: Just two questions. Where are the coaches? Why are they not both out there helping to try and control their own teams? Definitely not a pretty sight from my perspective, how about yours?

High School: Great Piece by USA Today’s Brennan on Adults’ Bad Behavior in Youth Sports

I truly enjoyed reading Christine Brennan’s piece at USA Today, ‘Rec rage’ by adults too common at youth events, on parental misbehavior in our youth sports culture. It’s certainly been something I’ve discussed on many occasions over the last several years and it’s nice to see the issue being addressed further by an online source... Read more »

High School: The Good, Better and Best vs. a Master Coach

With summer fast approaching (and summer practices right around the corner) I thought it a good idea to repost what I believe to be important differences between coaches and master coaches, and all that lies between. (Original post – September, 2012.)   A coach is a teacher working toward giving their athletes a good understanding of... Read more »

High School: Is Technology to Blame for Students’ Diminished Capacity to LISTEN, COMMUNICATE, and ABSORB!!!

Every once in a while I like to take a break from my normal sports highlights, rants, and teachings in order to cover something a little bit off my usual track. Usually, the inspiration for these off the beat writings comes from something I have read or recently observed, and this time is no different.... Read more »

Inspiration Knows No Gender Bounds: My Top 6 Inspirational Stories of Female Athletes

In honor of Mother’s Day yesterday, women in general, and the athletic accomplishments of the female gender, I would like to re-post a piece from a couple years back. The list below contains some mind boggling inspirational athletic feats. It was after one of my inspirational speaking presentations (to a high school girl’s volleyball program)... Read more »

(Team) Moms make the (youth sports) world go 'round

There is no better time than Mothers Day weekend to talk about the role Mothers play in youth sports, both as the matriarch of the athletic family, but also as the “Team Mom” of their child’s team in any given sport. Many times it is the Mother that provides balance to the athletic families life... Read more »

High School Sports: Former College Basketball Coach Wants to End High School Sports

I have to admit, based on Dan Hinxman’s piece Ex-coach proposes ending high school sports, I thought it absurd a former coach, Len Stevens, would support just such a notion. However, the reasoning behind why he feels this way does have some weight, at least on the surface. First, I do see this idea of... Read more »