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Olympics: LA Times Article on Kayla Harrison, Her Struggles, and Possible Gold in London is AWESOME!!!

No sooner had I published an article on NCAA wrestling champion Anthony Robles (based on a Q &A session at highlighting the inspiration behind his feat, in spite of the obstacle he faced, and out comes another inspirational piece from the LA Times. This one about Kayla Harrison, the difficulty she faced, and her... Read more »

NCAA Champion Anthony Robles: A Man on a Mission Has No Bounds

Inspiration, motivation, desire; three almost interchangeable terms which hold the power to move us from where we are to where we want to be. Like a smoldering, yet ever-present fire, sometimes white hot in intensity, the significance of these terms to the overall theme of becoming the best one can be simply cannot be denied.... Read more »

High School: A Definition of True Success That Builds From the Inside Out

Back in December of 2009, after a conversation I had with one of my kids, I was contemplating the idea of what true or real success is. A definition, so to speak, that would help give clarification to the term. I mean everyone has their own personal definition of what success is to them, right? However, in today’s... Read more »

Future of Illegal Performance Enhancement is Likely Super Hi-Tech Through DNA

Athlete:  Hey, do you have anything new that will give me an edge over the competition in the upcoming Olympics next year? I need something different, better than what everyone else is using to catch up. Scientist:  Well…there is this DNA manipulating IGF-1 stuff that has been known to increase strength threefold in mice. It... Read more »

High School: A Wrestler's Awe-Inspiring Demonstration of Inner Will, Determination and Grit - Fine Example for All

Back in May of 2008 (on my original blog), and in March here on Chicago Now, I posted a short piece on a very special wrestler from Ohio.  One thing that made this wrestler so special was his willingness to take on what many would say were insurmountable odds to become a state contender in his weight class in wrestling –... Read more »

High School: New Sports Book For Athletes, Parents, and Coaches: "Becoming a True Champion," Released!!!

It’s surreal how a simple conversation between sports parents about sports, success, and kids can spark an idea that evolves to the point of a published work. After eight long years of work, writing, queries, waiting…more work, more writing, more queries and more waiting…etc., Becoming a True Champion (#BATC) has been published. No more, “Hey,... Read more »

High School: College and College Bound Athletes Better Mind Their P’s & Q’s on Twitter, Facebook…

And to think that when I was in high school, the new big thing was calculators (ok, you under 40 crowd, stop laughing). Man, have things changed; and changed a lot. Heck, when we wanted to send someone a message, a note, we wrote it down on a piece of notebook paper, folded it up... Read more »

High School Sports: One-Handed Athlete Knows No Bounds

It’s kind of funny how some parents know their children so well; even as their kids age, become fathers themselves and are not considered kids anymore, except by their own parents. These clued-in parents just seem to get it. They understand what interests, motivates and inspires their offspring, and they know why. My father represents... Read more »

Guilt by Association in High School Athletic Codes Must Include Common Sense

As is the case at times, a legitimate circumstance or situation arises, placing into question a “rule” or expectation a school has for its students―in this case, student athletes. This circumstance can cause a shift in the thought process of the governing committee who oversees this rule. That shift can be so drastic that decisions... Read more »


I came across this adapted article that I thought might be interesting to share. “Readers Digest” published the following in 1979. An unpublished response was also written in 1979 by Ross Mounsteven, who was then a coach. Although written more than 31 years ago and a little dated, very little seems to have changed. A... Read more »