Tim Tebow’s Example Inspiring, Just Ask New York Nicks Jeremy Lin

And now there are two. Two who, or two what you may ask?

Two elite level professional athletes, stars, that appear to understand the importance their role can play in other peoples’ lives. Individuals who seem committed to setting good examples, who actually view the “position” they hold in sports as a means to make a difference, significant enough that they see themselves as true role models.

Let me say that again more clearly so there is no confusion. SEE THEMSELVES AS ROLE MODELS, not that society should necessarily see them this way. Kind of like…well, that they feel it more a responsibility than anything else, that it comes with the territory―being a star athlete, that it is a way to give back, especially after all the good that has befallen them.

At least that is what I get out of the Chicago Sun-Times piece, Jeremy Lin gets inspiration from Tim Tebow.

Me, I think this is a good thing; no, a great thing. Maybe, just maybe, it will catch on, become a trend―athletes seeing themselves as role models and acting accordingly. If so, we just might find, in time, websites popping up much different than the badjocks.com people like to frequent. Sites with URL’s similar to…goodjocks.com or athletespayingitforward.com or even jocktastic.com.

Ok, I went a little too far with that last one. At any rate, you know what I mean, right?

As I have said in articles I have written on this issue in the past, I fall much in line with Karl Malone and what he states in an older piece from Sports Illustrated in answer to that Charles Barkley comment years ago, “I am not a role model. The piece I am referring to is titled One Role Model To Another, and it is something that anyone who falls into the Charles Barkley thought process should take time to read.

From my perspective, let’s hope this Tebow, Lin shift toward making a difference becomes infectious, dominating and stifling that old Barkley cliché mentioned above. That would certainly be a good thing!!!

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