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The Growing Trend of “All Are Winners” in Youth Sports: Is it Really a Good Thing???

Lisa Lagrou’s article Should every child get a trophy? does a good job of presenting the current push toward the “everyone gets an award” mentality. Using her own daughter’s recent soccer sports experience, where their team (a team that had won only one game all season long) was awarded the same trophy as the best... Read more »

Sports: The Day My Daughter's Sports Life Took a Terrible Turn

It was a long drive to the WAGS soccer tournament out in the Washington D.C. area back in the Fall of 2001. My oldest daughter had just come off of a solid high school soccer season, as a freshman on varsity, along with a successful prior summer camp experience with her club team out in... Read more »

Olympics: Steroid Cheats Big Time Targets at London 2012 Olympic Games

There have been a good number of articles written about how extensive and sensitive performance-enhancing drug testing will be at the 2012 Olympics this coming summer. According to many reports, not only will the numbers of athletes tested be greater, some say 50%, but advancements in testing procedures have increased the ability of testers to... Read more »