Olympics: Steroid Cheats Big Time Targets at London 2012 Olympic Games

There have been a good number of articles written about how extensive and sensitive performance-enhancing drug testing will be at the 2012 Olympics this coming summer. According to many reports, not only will the numbers of athletes tested be greater, some say 50%, but advancements in testing procedures have increased the ability of testers to identify those who have cheated.

To help clarify these new aspects in the fight to keep the Olympic playing field level between competitors, I have imbedded a video below and a link to a second. The first imbedded video came from the piece London 2012 anti-doping operation biggest ever at Channel 4 News in the UK. In it, experts discuss how much testing has advanced over the last ten years as well as what athletes are doing to make it more difficult to be caught. Take a look:

The second video is located about half way down the article London 2012 Olympics: drug cheats are set to face most advanced anti-doping procedures in Games history (UK news group The Telegraph). In this visual, senior analyst Christiaan Bartlett discusses the new biological passport WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) is supporting and encouraging (something I detailed here), along with the different types of testing procedures at their disposal.

VIDEO: How dope testing works

It sure looks as if the risk of athletes being identified and caught for using illegal PED’s has increased sharply. However, it still remains to be seen if these new “unmatched” testing procedures and advancements will take these cheaters down. Bottom line, only the cheaters themselves will know for sure.

Ok, bring on the games!!!

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