Conquering Cancer: Donna's Good Things St. Baldrick's event on Valentine's Day - Making a Difference!!!

This past September (2011) a heartbreaking story was published at ChicagoNow on the Mary Tyler Mom blog titled Donna’s Cancer Story. It was a continuing chronicle (31 installments) portraying the emotional and trying ordeal of a family and their young child’s battle with cancer.

Sadly, her fight against this unrelenting disease ended on October 19th, 2009.

However, there is good that can come out of such a gut-wrenching and sad experience, in that it represents how much work still needs to be done with trying to find a cure. And, believe it or not, you can make a difference.

Here’s how:

  1. Donate to fund lifesaving research. However, keep in mind that it is almost always more beneficial to donate directly to the program of your choice rather than to phone solicitors. Always check out where your donations are going.
  2. You can sign up to be a “Shavee” or Volunteer at a St. Baldrick’s Foundation event. This organization’s mission is to fund the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives (taken right from their website). It is a volunteer-driven organization.
  3. Hey, ever think about organizing your own event for St. Baldrick’s. All the information you need to do so is on their site (link above), just follow the appropriate links.
  4.  And if you were genuinely moved by Donna’s story above (something I would encourage you to read at the link I provided above), then feel free to go here:  Donna’s Good Things at Candlelite Chicago and become part of the solution!!!

Special Note:  Keep in mind that an annonamous donner will match the donation up to $2000.00 for Donna’s Good Things from February 14th – 18th!!!


A better future for all doesn’t come from those content on just being, but from those who seek to become part of the difference!!!

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