High School: Chrysa Nowell, Inspiring Others Through Unbending Will, Courage, and Effort

We all face difficulties in our life, at one time or another; instances where the odds are certainly stacked against us and nothing seems to go our way. You know the feeling, don’t you?

Where it looks, at least from one’s perspective, as if it would be better, maybe easier, to just throw in the towel, give up, and wallow away in self-pity and doubt.

Doubt about what life has to offer, about putting oneself out there, about taking any kind of risk that could inadvertently bring unwanted attention to our plight, whatever that plight might be.

However, there are others, those who fail to see an obstacle as…well, an obstacle. Those who take the initiative, no matter how hard, to challenge themselves in a way that defies comprehension. And in that process, demonstrate to others an unrelenting amount of discipline and determination, showing the type of courage and amount of effort that is simply awe-inspiring.

Chrysa Nowell is just such a person. The highlight of a Fox10 News story, The Inspiration, out of Mobile Alabama, Chrysa is one of those rare people who, through sheer will, grit and raw courage, inspire all who watch her. Take a look:

The Inspiration: fox10tv.com

Thanks Chrysa , for being one of those very special individuals who truly make a difference.

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