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Sports Parenting: Janis Meredith Talks About Youth Sports Sympathy Groups Part II

Last Friday I highlighted Janis Meredith’s take on the negative parental gossip that is so common at youth sports events these days. However, Janis goes on to give some very perceptive alternatives to becoming part of that “sympathy group” phenomenon she discusses in What are sports parenting sympathy groups and why should you avoid them?.... Read more »

Sports Parenting: Janis Meredith Talks About Youth Sports Sympathy Groups Part I

Twenty-eight years as a wife of a coach, and eighteen as a parent of athletes, brings to an individual a wealth of experience and knowledge not readily available to the masses. You just can’t go through that in today’s youth sports culture without learning and gaining valuable, insightful information. And to merely say that one... Read more »

Bears Middle Linebacker Brian Urlacher’s Painkiller Use Depicts Bigger Problem in Sports

Early Tuesday morning as I perused the numerous work emails needing my attention, my department head came into the office and asked if I had heard about Brian Urlacher’s recent comments; that it was all over the radio. Being a suburbanite of Chicago, one very interested in happenings in the sports world (at youth through... Read more »


It is an extremely exciting time of life as a student-athlete finishes high school and looks forward to college. Having the possibility of playing college sports is a rare privilege and gaining a meaningful education while earning a college degree should be the ultimate goal. Sports is one way to assist in pursuing that experience... Read more »

NCAA: President Mark Emmert Wants to Move College Sports in a Better Direction

Wow, what a year in college sports. Talk about epitomizing the “bad” behavior that college sports can bring to the table; 2011 was a banner year. As referenced at CNN, we had the memorabilia trading scandal under Jim Tressel at Ohio State, continued fallout over USC’s Reggie Bush receiving money and gifts during his college... Read more »

High School: Reaching Athletic Potential versus Winning; They Are Not Synonymous

There is a misconception in sports, in many circles, that winning (as in being able to win a game) and working toward reaching one’s athletic potential amounts to being one and the same. That if you have the ability to defeat your opponents on a regular basis, you are also doing exactly what it takes... Read more »

Derrick Rose, Tim Tebow, etc.: Is America Searching for a Sports Hero?

There has been some talk lately about whether elite level athletes should be considered role models. A recent piece on this topic (relating to Derrick Rose, Chicago Tribune “Opinion” Article on Chicago Bull Derrick Rose Slightly Bent), which I published here and on the sports website Bleacher Report, totaled in excess of 3300 hits. That... Read more »

Sportsmanship at its Finest - Can You Top This?

Over the last several years I have come across some pretty inspirational stories. My recent post on Chrysa Nowell fits that category nicely, as does the Jim MaClaren, Anthony Robles, and Dustin Carter stories. All very inspirational. However, one type of story I don’t come across often enough are the ones that demonstrate the true... Read more »

High School: Chrysa Nowell, Inspiring Others Through Unbending Will, Courage, and Effort

We all face difficulties in our life, at one time or another; instances where the odds are certainly stacked against us and nothing seems to go our way. You know the feeling, don’t you? Where it looks, at least from one’s perspective, as if it would be better, maybe easier, to just throw in the... Read more »

MMA’s Rosi Sexton Tells it Like it is in MMA Regarding Steroids and PED’s

“When I saw the news on twitter last night [‘Cyborg’ Santos positive drug test], I felt a little like a ten year old whose parents have just admitted that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. A tiny bit disappointed, but mostly relieved that now we can all stop pretending.” Man, I like this girl. Similar to the... Read more »