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High School Sports: Parents Raging Out of Control, A Common Theme

Man, I have just about seen and heard it all. Parents yanking a younger, highly skilled athlete off the field in the middle of a game because their kid was played in a position the parent felt they should not play (and not only off the field in the middle of a game but completely... Read more »

Dare To Be Your Best...In The Classroom and In Life

“DARE TO BE YOUR BEST” was a challenge issued to all athletes in Part I of this series. Of course, this isn’t only important for athletes between the lines, but in all other areas of their life as well. Young athletes have a tremendous opportunity to¬†BUILD THEIR BRAND. One of the best “brands” to build... Read more »

Dare To Be Your Best!

I often write about the need for athletes to focus on their own personal excellence in their pursuit of success. Positive Coaching Alliance calls it the “ELM Tree of Mastery”. Rather than worrying about the scoreboard, comparing themselves with others, and dwelling on setbacks and failures – players should focus on their own Effort, Learning,... Read more »