ESPN’s Radio Show “Hey Coach Tony,” with host Tony Fiorino, Discusses Title IX After Boy Breaks Girls’ Swim Record

On Tuesday, December 6th, I opened my email to find a note from ESPN radio show host Tony Fiorino (Hey Coach Tony) stating the following:

“We all know that Title IX was originally created to allow for some equality between male and female athletes and the opportunities afforded to them.  However, recent events, like a boy breaking the girls’ swimming record in NJ, have given us cause to rethink Title IX and its merits.  We’ll be discussing this on Saturday’s show and I’d like to get a female perspective on this.”

Ok, in case you missed the piece in that paragraph that would startle most people, the one that certainly took me back a little, forcing me to re-read what I just read, let me highlight it for you:

“…a boy breaking the girls’ swimming record in NJ…”

Needless to say, it certainly looked to be an interesting show, one I did not want to miss. Especially since Tony was to have two female guests, one a Hall of Fame coach in two sports and the other a high school varsity basketball coach, to bounce around his ideas and thoughts on the topic. In addition, Tony encourages calls from listeners to give them a chance to express their opinions.

Well, after seeing both the positive and the negative behind Title IX implementation (I grew up as an athlete in the 70’s when Title IX came into being, and have two athletic daughters who benefited from its existence), and writing three recent articles/posts this past July on the topic (Title IX and High School Sports in the News, USA Today Highlights ASC Suit Against Title IX Enforcement, Pacific Legal Foundation Weighs in on Title IX and their Law Suit), I thought I would give the show a call and see if I might be able to add to the discussion. Here is the show in its entirety, ENJOY!!!

Note:  My comments, approximately 16:30 – 27:15 of the show

Let’s get some discussion going on this one. Comments encouraged!!!


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  • Ok, did I really say "60% girls and 50% boys" regarding proportionality with Title IX!!! Looks like I will be paying for that mis-spoken statement for a while, geez!!!

  • In reply to Kirk Mango:

    No worries...everything else you said sounded much smarter. :) MMF

  • I listened to the show a couple days ago. I was supposed to call in with a testimonial, but I was shuttling our middle daughter to and from hockey games Saturday morning. (appropriate given the topic).

    I really appreciated your comments and your insight. I especially liked the point you were trying to make about equal vs. equitable. I think that is at the crux of any discussion about title IX. I am glad you are among the voices of reason about youth sports, and I look forward to more of your contributions.

  • Meagan,

    Thanks so much for your comments and support. The whole purpose of my blog here, and my book (Rowman & Littlefield, 2012,, is to try to encourage individuals to take a step back and look at the WHOLE picture.

    Sometimes, as good as something might look on paper (and as appropriate that it might be - Title IX), consideration must also be given to the far reaching impacts that might occur when that something is implemented.

    Title IX is great, needed, and necessary; however, the absoluteness with which some are applying the law makes for some unintended issues.

    Again, thanks for chiming in on the blog. Feel free to comment on any of my articles.



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