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2012 Olympics: Olympic Sprint Champion LaShawn Merritt Back in the Olympic Game

A recent story in the New York Times this past December, Sprinter Leaves Humiliation Behind, caused this writer to pause. As the story goes, LaShawn Merritt had taken a sexual-enhancement drug which happened to contain substances that triggered positives on three PED tests. Now you can imagine what doping officials would say to that excuse?... Read more »

Sports Parenting: Sports Parent Janis Meredith Teaches “Giving” Through Sports

It is not that often I find positive articles in the media or on the internet about sports and youth sports topics. There are far too many  occasions where some pro, elite level athlete, or coach makes a poor “character” choice getting their name, and story, plastered all over every media outlet you can find.... Read more »

Sexual Abuse Scandals, Drug Involvement, (HGH) PED Testing, Unethical, Illegal, Unsportsmanlike Behavior: It’s Time to Put an Independent in Charge!!!

It’s not too often I come across a piece, an article, that brings to notion a new idea, or in this case an old idea anew, that actually  makes some sense. Rarely a month, or week, goes by without some terrible sports scandal being plastered all over the news. The recent Penn State, Paterno, Sandusky... Read more »

The Twelve Weeks of Basketball Christmas

I always get players (and coaches) asking for how they can improve any number of different skills or strategies. Everybody`s “wish list” is a little different -some are thoughtful and some are…interesting. Players usually want to know how to increase their vertical, or dunk in no time flat. Rarely do they ask how to execute... Read more »

MLB: Huge Loophole in Major League Baseball HGH Testing Agreement

It appears I spoke a little premature when I mentioned in my piece, MLB Beats NFL in Holding Athletes Accountable for HGH Use, that major league baseball was taking a giant step forward in their approach to testing players for HGH and demonstrating to the NFL how to get the job done. Based on the... Read more »

Chicago Bears: It’s Official - NFL Wide Reciever Sam Hurd Cut by Bears

Man, this is going to be a tough one for many to swallow. A professional athlete, one of the privileged few, who this past summer signed a multi-million dollar deal to play for the Chicago Bears, gets arrested for attempting to purchase (for distribution) large amounts of cocaine and marijuana (5-10 kilos of coke/1,000 lbs... Read more »

NFL: WADA Pulls No Punches in Addressing NFLPA and its Failure to Implement HGH Testing

In two November articles (Rep. Waxman Calls Into Question NFL Union “Delay” Tactics Regarding HGH Testing and MLB Beats NFL in Holding Athletes Accountable for HGH Use) I discuss the NFLPA’s failure to actually implement the needed HGH testing they had agreed to in the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) they signed this fall. It is... Read more »

ESPN’s Radio Show “Hey Coach Tony,” with host Tony Fiorino, Discusses Title IX After Boy Breaks Girls’ Swim Record

On Tuesday, December 6th, I opened my email to find a note from ESPN radio show host Tony Fiorino (Hey Coach Tony) stating the following: “We all know that Title IX was originally created to allow for some equality between male and female athletes and the opportunities afforded to them.  However, recent events, like a... Read more »

High School: Controversial Call in Massachusetts State Championship High School Football Game Changes Outcome

Usually, when I see some sort of sports controversy in the news, especially when it is accompanied by a video and full explanation of the dispute, I immediately know where I stand. And typically, my opinion is formulated, in large part, by the “rules” set forth for the game or sport being played. Along with a... Read more »

High School Sports: Three Attributes for Parenting Athletes in Today’s Sports Culture

What two aspects come to mind when you contemplate what young athletes need from their parents? I’m not sure about you, but the first terms that pop into my head are support and encouragement. Very important, yes; extremely helpful, absolutely. However, is there more? You bet there is, especially these days. That’s the topic covered... Read more »