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Opinion Poll: Should High School Athletes be Tested for Recreational Drug Use?

In continuation of the idea and concepts presented in my last piece, Recreational Drug Testing of High School Athletes, Yes or No?, I would like to give others the opportunity to weigh in on the subject. Take a stand using the following poll and feel free to support that stand with a comment or two... Read more »

Big Steroid (PED) Drug Bust In Ohio, Dealers Targeted High School Athletes

So you think all this talk of steroids and illegal performance-enhancing drug use is something isolated to the elite and professional ranks of athletes. That the chances are ever so slim high school athletes would have the opportunity, or means, to buy such substances. Or even that dealers, because of this limited means, would waste... Read more »

Recreational Drug Testing of High School Athletes, Yes or No?

To clarify, this “recreational drug testing” I refer to in my title goes well beyond the illegal performance-enhancing drugs I normally discuss. It would include ALL substances that a good number of teens today use to get high; alcohol, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, Ecstasy, prescription and nonprescription drugs, and/or anything else that kids are “using” and... Read more »