NFL And HGH: California Representative Henry Waxman Calls Into Question NFL Union “Delay” Tactics Regarding HGH Testing

What a shocker!!! Even with an agreement between the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and the NFL to test for HGH, nothing has moved forward. No testing. And Rep. Henry Waxman knows exactly where the problem lies.

In his ESPN piece, NFL delay over HGH tests: Unacceptable, Waxman runs down the history behind the “how” and “why” this testing came to be, bringing into the mix Major League Baseball (MLB) and steroids, placing responsibility for the holdup right on the doorstep of the NFLPA.

What’s the reason for the delay?

“According to the players union, there are questions about the scientific validity of HGH tests.”

Validity, really? That’s their reasoning?

Even when “experts” (scientists and others in the know) have come out stating that the validity of the isoform test is not something that one can or should question (especially based on all the evaluation that has been done on this test), even when WADA is using the test at the Olympic level, the NFLPA still questions its validity?

Seriously. Talk about an insult to one’s intelligence.

So what’s the real reasoning behind why the players association has concerns over the test? Former NY Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason clarifies, “the union is backing off because they have players guilty of using this substance.”

But you had probably already guessed that, it certainly isn’t rocket science.

C’mon NFLPA, man up and do the right thing. Start setting a better example for the sporting youth of America and take a chunk out of the “winning at all costs” attitudes that are filtering down from the elite level of sports to the youth level. It’s time you take a role in trying to make a real difference.

As Rep. Waxman puts it with regard to this issue:

Worst of all, the perception that the pros use illegal performance-enhancing drugs has a profound impact on the millions of teenage athletes who aspire to be like them.

I would second, third, and fourth that!!!

Oh wait; you don’t see this as a problem for teen/high school athletes? Well, you might want to check this out:

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