Big Steroid (PED) Drug Bust In Ohio, Dealers Targeted High School Athletes

So you think all this talk of steroids and illegal performance-enhancing drug use is something isolated to the elite and professional ranks of athletes. That the chances are ever so slim high school athletes would have the opportunity, or means, to buy such substances. Or even that dealers, because of this limited means, would waste any time trying to create a market for teen users. If that’s your thought process, then you’d better think that through a little further.

Fox 19 News out of Cincinnati, Ohio reported Wednesday, November 2, that community members from Lebanon (a city just outside of Cincinnati) were in disbelief over a substantial steroid drug bust in their area after police were tipped off that dealers were targeting high school athletes at the Countryside YMCA. Check out the news video of the story:

Community surprised by steroid bust

Make no mistake. These people, the ones bringing in and selling these substances, have little concern for who buys them, why they are buying them, or what happens to these young impressionable athletes because of their use. They only care about one thing, the same thing that any drug dealer cares about, MONEY, and making as much of it any way they can. If there isn’t a current market large enough to bring them what they want, then they will find a way to create it.

A very important aspect of this story that you should keep in mind; if it is happening in Lebanon, Ohio, it is likely to be, and probably is, happening elsewhere. The chances this was an isolated case are slim to none; it’s just that others have yet to be caught.

Whether through education, positive parental involvement, appropriate accountability practices, or a combination of all, the best way to keep this from becoming a bigger issue at the high school level is to cut out the demand. Doing so removes the incentive.

Walking that path will be one certainly worth our efforts.

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