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One-Handed Football Player Walk-On Becomes a Star at Albany

Ever heard of Jim Abbott? The one-handed former MLB pitcher. How about Anthony Robles? The 2011 Division I NCAA 125-lb. wrestling champion who accomplished this feat with one leg. And how about Bethany Hamilton, I am sure you have heard of her. The surfer girl who had her arm savagely torn off by a shark,... Read more »

Geneva H.S. (Illinois) Suspension of Football Players for Alcohol Use Seems Confusing

Actually, it is not the suspension of the players that is confusing, since they were charged with consumption of alcohol by a minor by Geneva police, but a specific statement in The Beacon News piece, Geneva players suspended for drinking, that is perplexing to me. In that piece it states: According to Geneva athletic director... Read more »

Opinion Poll: Illegal Performance-Enhancement and “Life Time” Ban

In my last piece, Life Time Ban For Steroid/PED Use:  Yes or No?, I raised several questions regarding a life time ban from Olympic competition for proven illegal performance-enhancement, along with its philosophical ramifications at the professional, college, and even high school levels. Now it’s your turn to weigh in. poll by poll by... Read more »

Life Time Ban For Steroid/PED Use: Yes or No?

An article in theguardian, Why drug cheats should not get a second chance at the Olympics, prompted a short but intriguing discussion in my office the other day, an office full of former athletes and current coaches. At the center of the discussion was the premise behind the title of that aforementioned article, should athletes... Read more »

"Magical" Steps to Creating Confident and Coachable Players (Part IV)

The brain registers 20,000 snap-shots (memories) every day. Those memories will be filed as either positive or negative memories. Positive memories Fill our Emotional Tanks while negative memories will drain it. When people (and players specifically) feel better due to full E-Tanks they have a more positive attitude. When we are more positive, we are... Read more »

One Play at a Time : Creating Confident and Coachable Players (Part III)

A difficult concept for players to grasp is that it is ok to be disappointed in the result of a game and still feel as if you did your very best and could be proud of your effort. To many times players feel that if they lost they have to be despondent or they’re not... Read more »

Rinse, and Repeat : 5 R's of Creating Confident and Coachable Players (Part II)

How a coach reacts to players’ mistakes is going to significantly effect how those players play in the future. As Dr. Robin S. Vealey  says in the article “Communicating With Athletes: Timing Is Everything!” ; The wrong message at the wrong time can be a disaster. Even the right message is met with resistance if it’s... Read more »

Creating Confident and Coachable Players (Part I)

When I speak with Sports Parents one of the first things I do is ask them what their initial goals were for their child’s participation in youth sports. Invariably one of the answers is to increase self-confidence. Sports is a great place for a young player to develop or improve their self-confidence. However, it’s also... Read more »

High School Sports: You Don't Have To Win To Be A CHAMPION!!!

Call me what you wish, but I cannot watch this without shedding a tear. For me, that was impossible. Uploaded to YouTube by Necessity4failure

“Becoming a True Champion” Forthcoming Book Cover Preview, Rowman & Littlefield (2012)

What has it been now? Seven, maybe eight years since I made that semi-life altering decision, that final leap into putting down on paper what I saw as helpful, developmental measures to a sports and youth sports culture gone off track. More specifically, a motivational teaching tool that just might help with what I felt... Read more »