September 11, 2001: NO, WE WILL NEVER EVER FORGET!!!

No matter what nationality, race, sex, religious belief, socio-economic position, etc. If you are an American, whether born or raised here, the moment those planes hit the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001 – WE ALL BECAME ONE!!! 

Many of our ancestors came from other countries with nothing more than lint in their pockets. They worked through harsh times and built good lives out of nothing. Just guts, sheer will, and determination got them to where they were. Our country has been built from the ground up with these attributes.

We have lived and survived through two World Wars, the Depression, dealt with slavery, sexism, other types of prejudice in its many forms, along with a conglomerate of other issues. We certainly are not perfect, and, of course, understand that we do have farther to go when it comes to being better; that we all know. But we are moving forward, making a difference for ourselves, for others.

In fact, that is what makes us unique as Americans, this knowing, and in so knowing consistently work toward trying to improve. We do not take our FREEDOM lightly, not by a long shot. It is built within us, it is in our genes, make no mistake about that. Our ancestors, their work ethic, their bravery, and learning from our own past mistakes have guaranteed this.

In the end, as difficult as it is to see sometimes, we do realize that WE ARE ALL ONE!!!

And it is because of all of this, every single piece, that there is absolutely no doubt, that my parents’ generation, their parents’ generation, my generation, nor any generation that comes after us, including those yet to be born, will ever forget that attack on us on 9/11.


Video originally from and created by Christine (YouTube Channel)

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