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Part II: Facing Dementia, The Sad Tale of Finding a Home For Mom

One day, about three years after that initial brain scan, our mom took a fall. Oh, and not just any fall, but a terrible fall. The kind of fall that changes everything. Our cousin was over visiting with my brother and mom one day. They were at the kitchen table just sitting and talking together.... Read more »

Part I: Facing Dementia, The Sad Tale of Finding a Home For Mom

If you might indulge me for a moment or two, I would like to depart from my normal rants, highlights, and writings on the sports and youth sports environment to talk about a topic that many, in some way, will face as the parents of baby boomers enter old age. If you only visit my... Read more »

Florida Youth Football Referee Physically Assaulted by Coaches and Athletes

So, you’re one of those who believes that all this talk about the loss of perspective in sports and youth sports, poor character and unsportsmanlike behavior, and downright “out-to-lunch” type actions that seem to be on the rise, are merely exaggerations by the media looking for a story (albeit sometimes true). That the news media... Read more »

Rick Morrissey’s Piece “Time to pay college athletes” Shortsighted

As we sit on the cusp of another college football season, and all the likely scandals that tend to follow, we find Rick Morrissey bringing back the idea of paying college athletes above their scholarship, implying that it is long overdue. And as the discrepancy between the enormous $$$$’s some colleges are pulling in compared... Read more »