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Supporting a Cause That Matters: Downers Grove South H.S. Demonstrates The Connectedness Between Us All

In my post last Friday (Transcending the Athletic Arena:  Stricken High School Athlete Receives Warm Welcome), I relayed to you a heartbreaking story about Katie Vree; a young, healthy high school girl, and volleyball athlete, who contracted a strange virus last spring. According to the story in the Chicago Tribune, the virus attacked her spinal... Read more »

The Sports Doctor, Dr. Robert Weil, Challenges Obesity With “Kids Beating Obesity”

“It’s an epidemic” are the words echoed throughout the media, and from experts, regarding the United States current affair with being overweight―or over-fat as I like to call it. And as a 32-year veteran in physical education, I can attest to the idea that this is and should be a major concern, as I have... Read more »

High School: Alcohol And Athletes Don’t Mix

You would be hard pressed to find high school athletes today, or from yesteryear for that matter, that have not partaken in a little “binge” drinking now and then. Actually, it is probably a misnomer to use the words “a little” and “now and then” in that last sentence, as on just about any weekend... Read more »

Transcending the Athletic Arena: Stricken High School Athlete Receives Warm Welcome

It’s stories like this that make me believe in the human spirit, the connectedness between us all, the utter and overwhelming feelings we have toward others when tragedy befalls someone through no fault of their own.  We, as a people, as a country, are quickly able to relate to another’s plight, especially when that plight... Read more »

The Sports Network Point on BYU and Brandon Davies Reinstatement Right on Point

In an era where people believe that paying college athletes, beyond their scholarship, will help alleviate the character flaws and downright illegal, unethical, and entitlement type behavior seen by too many elite level college athletes, coaches, and programs, we have the story of Brandon Davies and BYU. For those that don’t recall, Brandon Davies was... Read more »

Athletic Inspiration: Not For Those Afraid To Look Within!!!

“Greatness, whether athletic or otherwise, doesn’t come from those content on  just being but from those who seek being the difference.” Greyskale Multimedia, LLC Do you have what it takes?

The Role of the Spectator: Class is for Everyone

I was recently fortunate enough to speak to the USA Water Polo Olympic Development Coaches and at their Junior Olympics in Orange County, CA. We had a great discussion with some world-class water polo coaches about the effectiveness in embracing Positive Coaching Alliance principles in developing elite competitors. Learning in a positive environment, technique changes, managing mistakes... Read more »

What Every Coach Needs to Know about the Athlete's Experience

Many years ago, I got into a philosophical debate with another coach on whether sports were a means of teaching kids about life, through the experiences they had as an athlete, versus developing the athlete as the main priority, with the hope they would learn about life. Now if you re-read that sentence, you just... Read more »

Part III: Facing Dementia, The Sad Tale of Finding a Home For Mom

It was not long after the Alzheimer specialist appointment (maybe that next week) that her symptoms continued to become more erratic and strange. This prompted a blood test by her GP, which indicated dangerously low sodium levels and she was admitted to the hospital and put on an IV. This eventually helped as she regained... Read more »

September 11, 2001: NO, WE WILL NEVER EVER FORGET!!!

No matter what nationality, race, sex, religious belief, socio-economic position, etc. If you are an American, whether born or raised here, the moment those planes hit the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001 – WE ALL BECAME ONE!!!  Many of our ancestors came from other countries with nothing more than lint in their pockets.... Read more »