Kudos to B.J. Penn On His Stance On Steroids

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Finally, there is someone in MMA who stands behind a belief system that has character and integrity centered at its core. Personally, as an individual with family in the MMA game, and one dead set against illegal performance-enhancement in sports, it was encouraging to hear where B.J. Penn stands on this issue. In a recent article at examiner.com, B.J.’s thoughts on PED’s were highlighted:

“…I have come to three major conclusions with regards to PED’s; one—athletes and fans can try to justify them any way that they want, it’s still cheating. Two—the longer the debate continues, the less people seem to actually care. And three—the use of PED’s by anyone who would dare to call themselves a “martial artist” is nothing short of disgraceful.”

I will expand on his last point by stating that “the use of PED’s by anyone who would dare to call themselves [an athlete] is nothing short of disgraceful.”

B.J., from my standpoint, YOU THE MAN!!!

It takes a very special person to put their views out for all to see when those views support the right thing to do while going against the norm. Keep up the good work…no, great work, and demonstrate for others, especially our youth, what a real athlete is all about!!!

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