37 NFL Football Players Arrested

At Sports Radio 850AM (Brighton, MA), Mikey and Ryder discuss the large amount of NFL players who have been arrested this year, and the reasons why they think it has escalated. Take a listen (scroll to time 6:56):

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Whether it was for suspicion of intoxication, DUI, assault, possession of an illegal substance, weapons charges, or who knows what else, there’s no question that a good number of these elite level athletes are “behaving badly.” And yes, illegally.

As I listened to Mikey and Ryder bounce around from reason to reason as to why it seems that so many NFL elite become illegal misfits, I couldn’t help but think that the entitlement type attitudes some of these athletes have been raised with is an underlying factor.

Our sports culture has treated them to so many advantages and special treatment (even when they should have been held accountable) that they just figure the rules don’t apply to them. That they are above others, having rights the “average” person doesn’t have.

It is because of this that many of these athletes have developed character flaws that just don’t support a more humbling demeanor. The possibility of being a role model, as well as showing humility and restraint, doesn’t even cross their minds as they have completely disconnected themselves from these types of attributes. Basically, they’re ignorant of what their behavior says about them as people and the positive things their status could bring to others who hold them in high regard.

And until we (our sports culture) start insisting on higher behavioral expectations, and remove the “special treatment” type privileges some of these athletes have grown to expect (especially at younger developing ages), we will continue to get more of the same.


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  • OK, so I’m a numbers guy. When I read this, my mind automatically asks me if in reality 37 arrests is a lot. So, I started figuring some numbers. There are 52-man rosters in the NFL – not including practice squad and IR guys –and 32 teams in the NFL. Quick math on that tells me there are 1,664 players in the NFL. If 37 of them were arrested, that would be just 2% of all players annually. If you compare that to what the US Department of Justice says, which is that 4,478 of every 100,000 Americans is arrested each year, it’s not so bad. 4,478 of 100,000 is right around 4%; double that of NFL players. OF COURSE, one has to consider a person’s circumstances. Not denying that. Many of those regular Americans arrested each year may come from circumstances where they see crime as the only option. NFL players – even the lowest paid – are not in those same circumstances. I’m not suggesting the article isn’t legitimate, but I found the numbers interesting.

  • In reply to Adam Oestmann:

    Excuse me, 53-man rosters.

  • Hey Adam, thanks for the response. An interesting perspective. However, I am not sure I would use numbers in the manner in which you have. I would think, or at least had hoped, that athletes of this caliber would be WAY above the norm when it comes to illegal and unethical behavior. Say more toward 0%, exaggeratingly speaking.

    Part of the point of the article, and the radio discussion, is about how these NFL athletes tend to see themselves above the law instead of seeing themselves as possible good examples for others. To me, that is part of the loss of perspective that is all too common in sports (and youth sports) today.

    Just my thoughts.

  • Just applauding the civil, intelligent, insightful banter, gentlemen! Merely a couple posts, but thank you both for a refreshing read.

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