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37 NFL Football Players Arrested

At Sports Radio 850AM (Brighton, MA), Mikey and Ryder discuss the large amount of NFL players who have been arrested this year, and the reasons why they think it has escalated. Take a listen (scroll to time 6:56): Watch this at WEEI Whether it was for suspicion of intoxication, DUI, assault, possession of an illegal... Read more »

MMA Light Heavyweight Krzysztof Soszynski Talks PED’s

Over this last summer I have highlighted several pieces on illegal performance-enhancements in sports, including the very popular sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). In several of those articles I discuss the idea that if someone in power really wanted to make a difference in the use of PED’s, they would do more random testing... Read more »

Conflicting Viewpoints on Steroids Clash at

Follow @KirkMango In Neal Gabler’s article, The real trouble with steroids, Neal equates the use of PED’s to other legal performance-enhancement practices like “improved nutrition, weight-training, vitamins and other dietary supplements, even aspirin have all been used approvingly,” calling them “similar athletic aids.” He goes on to infer that science will someday bring safer, better... Read more »

“Give 7” Helps Build Character and Respect in Children

Follow @KirkMango As a high school teacher and former coach, nothing bothers me more than disrespectful student attitudes. It is a precursor to the deterioration of the type of positive teaching and coaching environment where all can learn. And as my career has progressed, disrespectful behavior, both in type and amount, has certainly been on... Read more »

NFL, Take Notice: WADA’s “Biological Passport” For Olympics

Follow @KirkMango Matt McGrath’s article at BBC News, Passport to a drug free Olympics?, details the leap forward WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) is taking in combating illegal performance-enhancement at the upcoming London Olympics. Using what WADA calls an athlete biological passport, they are able to screen for “biological variables” in athletes over time, giving testers... Read more »

Straight Talk From the Mouths of Babes

Follow @KirkMango As adults, we often see the world from a more biased perspective. One based on a variety of experiences, as well as the outcomes of those experiences. Even different individuals going through a similar situation may have completely different viewpoints of that situation depending on the outcome, their personalities, and belief systems they... Read more »

NFL Testing For HGH

Follow @KirkMango The recent article in the New York Times, N.F.L. Says Drug Testing Will Be Rigorous and Frequent, was somewhat refreshing. I use the term “refreshing” based on the title and its initial implications, and the term “somewhat” because of what is detailed in the article. In a nutshell, the piece describes the new,... Read more »

How Social Media is Changing the Athlete's Experience

How Social Media is Changing the Athlete's Experience
Guest Post by Jim Harshaw As debate of Title IX reaches from the world of collegiate athletics into the realm of scholastic athletics, it is only fitting to address the similar evolution of social media, and its accompanying debates, benefits, and drawbacks, into the world of high school sports. For decades, our lives have been... Read more »

Guest Post: Jim Harshaw On Social Media Impact On Athletes

Guest Post:  Jim Harshaw On Social Media Impact On Athletes
I recently received a request from Jim Harshaw regarding his interest in writing a guest post on social media’s impact on athletes. I was intrigued by his request and asked him to send along a short bio to show his experience in sports and connectiont to the environment for which he wanted to write. I... Read more »

Kudos to B.J. Penn On His Stance On Steroids

Follow @KirkMango Finally, there is someone in MMA who stands behind a belief system that has character and integrity centered at its core. Personally, as an individual with family in the MMA game, and one dead set against illegal performance-enhancement in sports, it was encouraging to hear where B.J. Penn stands on this issue. In... Read more »