Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Robert J. Tozzi Dismisses Genetic Test Claims as Fantasy

In a post last March titled, Attention Sports Parents, Genetic Tests To Determine Sports Superstardom Are Here!!!, I highlighted the new genetic tests available that artfully claim to determine predisposition to athletic prowess, thus, possible athletic stardom. It was in that post I raised my concerns over such testing and the possible consequences that may result.

Any successful athlete will tell you that having any amount of athleticism is only a small piece of the complicated puzzle to athletic success, no matter what level one is seeking to reach. In fact, there is some evidence out there that suggests one’s talent is something that can actually be developed. You don’t have to take my word for it, check this site out regarding the book the Talent Code.

That link alone demonstrates how much more there is to succeeding in sports than what most people are commonly aware of, and it supports the idea that genetic tests for determining said athletic success fall far short of their inferred claims.

My thoughts on all of this are further supported by Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Robert J. Tozzi as reported in his most recent piece, Predicting Kids’ Athletic Future With At-Home Genetic Testing. In it Dr. Tozzi refers to the anecdotal claims of one genetic testing company as “pure fantasy,” this all based on information he pulled off their website and listed in his article. In addition he states that these companies are “misleading the public into believing that there is value in obtaining genetic testing to see what sports may be best for their child.”

I am certainly one who agrees with Dr. Tozzi and don’t really see much of an upside to genetic testing for athleticism. On the contrary, I think the likelihood of having more bad than good come out of all this is a real possibility.

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