The Daily Gamecock Article on Paying College Athletes Defies Logic

I can at least see the arguments that individuals have in support of paying college athletes for their efforts (beyond their scholarship) based on the exploitation of some of these athletes, the teams they play for, and the money they bring in – which seems to line the pockets of others. I chronicled my own feelings, and concerns, on the subject in a piece titled “Should College Athletes Get Paid Beyond Scholarship? Bill Plaschke From the L.A. Times says NO, I AGREE!!!” last December. An article I was inspired to write based on Bill Plaschke’s piece “Paying college players is an inherently bad idea.”

However, it is perplexing, almost annoying, to read this more recent article “Prominent student-athletes deserve to be paid” by Doug Remington, from The Daily Gamecock, on the same subject. It was difficult for me to read as the logic used to support paying college athletes is so convoluted it is hard to see the point he is trying to make through this mess. It looks as if he is saying that regardless of the negative, inappropriate, and/or illegal actions of an athlete, if they bring $$$$ into the system they should be kept around and paid for their efforts. If this was supposed to be a satirical view on the matter, I missed it somewhere.

Feel free to use the link I provided above and read through Mr. Remington’s piece to see if you can get more out of it than I did.

At any rate, the drudgery of trying to determine Doug’s point motivated me to bring back a poll I published a while back on the topic. With a couple of minor changes to the choices available, let’s see what others thoughts are on the subject of paying college athletes beyond their scholarship. It should be interesting!!!


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