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Create An All-Star Experience

Prior to selecting Post Season tournament teams the first decision is selecting a Manager and the Coaches. All Star Managers and Coaches are entrusted with the league’s best youth baseball players and it is the most important and visible leadership position within the league. Players will look to them for direction and encouragement and parents... Read more »

Part II: Sports Specializations - Sports Podiatrist Dr. Robert A. Weil Has The Right Approach

For me, it is an interesting question, this idea of whether proper training would help decrease the rate and risk of injury even though one is specializing in a sport. One of the main reasons (keeping the injury piece in mind) it is suggested that young athletes engage in a variety of sports and activities... Read more »

Part I: Sports Specialization - Looking At It From A Different Angle

There has been a lot of talk lately about the negative effects of early sports specialization; and rightfully so. Articles from established, well-respected sources abound, citing increase in overuse injuries, early sports burnout, and an increase of more severe injuries (torn ACL’s of the knee and UCL’s in the elbow) never seen at such early... Read more »

What Athletes NEED TO KNOW About Alcohol, Their Training, and Competition

In looking through my Google alerts the other day I came across this, Parent Tip: Know! The Athlete/Alcohol Link at the website SouthingtonSteps.0rg. My thinking was that I had come across some very good and pertinent information supporting athletes’ abstinence of the use of alcohol. What I found was not only solid information but also... Read more »

Hey Now, You're an All Star

This is a great time of the year. When I used to teach I often joked that a few of the best things about being in education were June, July, and August. Seriously, teaching is much more rewarding than that, but school is ending, summer vacation is upon us, and Little League Post Season play... Read more »

Chicagonow Moving To WordPress Format, "The Athlete's Sports Experience" Follows Suite

On June 30th, The Athlete’s Sports Experience will be moving to a WordPress blog format, along with the entire Chicagonow blog network. This process will stop notification emails from being delivered so please take a moment to bookmark The Athlete’s Sports Experience and add it as an RSS feed.   And remember, the format might... Read more »

The Daily Gamecock Article on Paying College Athletes Defies Logic

Follow @kirkmango I can at least see the arguments that individuals have in support of paying college athletes for their efforts (beyond their scholarship) based on the exploitation of some of these athletes, the teams they play for, and the money they bring in – which seems to line the pockets of others. I chronicled... Read more »

Chicago Tribune's Phil Rogers Celebrates Baseball's Non-Steroid Users: The Older Generation

Follow @kirkmango Long time Chicago Tribune major league baseball writer, Phil Rogers, takes time to feature two of baseball’s “good guys,” Jim Thome and Derek Jeter, in his piece at Using a Pete Rose inscribed baseball that says “Hits — 4256. Steroids – 0” for support, Phil states:  “We’re about to hit the daily... Read more »

Pro and College Athletes Seeking Advantage Through Nutrition Rather Than Drugs

Follow @KirkMango When perusing a variety of media sources looking for new developments or different topics on sports, it is not that often I come across positive ways to improve an athlete’s abilities. The current state of affairs in sports regarding performance enhancement has most commentaries discussing the illegal use of steroids, HGH, and other... Read more »

Henry Jackson High School (Washington) Cheerleaders Suspended For Hazing

Follow @KirkMango   Recently reported at, Henry Jackson High School Cheerleaders were suspended for “conducting initiation rituals in violation [of] the district’s athletic code.” These suspensions were due to what was called “hazing” type behavior which included making newer squad members “wear diapers,” shooting “them with squirt guns” and hitting “them with hot dogs.”... Read more »