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Title IX and the reverse discrimination argument

Guest Post From: Kristine Newhall The recent fight to restore men’s track at the University of Delaware has raised some compelling questions about administrative transparency, athletic department priorities, and–of course–Title IX. My focus here is on the last, specifically the discussion about the legislation that has emerged since the announcement of the team’s elimination in... Read more »

New Guest Writer, Kristine Newhall, To Contribute Articles On Title IX Issues in Sports

I am pleased to introduce Kristine Newhall as a guest writer to The Athlete’s Sports Experience. Her interest in, and experience with, Title IX issues will bring an important and unique dimension to this blog as she (from time to time) will contribute informative and timely pieces on matters pertaining to men and women in... Read more »

Star High School Athlete Tells Survival Story, Inspires All

Follow @KirkMango Former three-sport varsity high school and college scholarship athlete Dan Duval, voted most popular, most likely to be remembered, and best athlete by his high school classmates, knows the consequences of making poor choices–no doubt about that. According to George Morse’s article, Survivor details dangers of drugs and alcohol (, Dan headed down... Read more »

Manny Pacquiao And Shane Mosley Declared Clean???

Follow @KirkMango   DOGHOUSEBOXING.COM reported in their piece, Drug Test Results for Manny Pacquiao & Shane Mosley made public, that NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission) executive director Keith Kizer declared the Mosley/Pacquiao fight to be “clean.” This claim albeit based on the negative results for any banned substances from two fight-night urine tests and prior... Read more »

Stem Cells Plus HGH Could Change Sports Landscape Forever

Follow @KirkMango If you go to the ChicagoNow homepage  and type Steroids, Performance-Enhancement in their search box, you will find (based on what pops up) that I spend a good deal of time reflecting, writing, and offering my thoughts on the use of illegal performance-enhancement as a means to succeed in sports. In addition, perusing... Read more »

The Servant-Coach

Why become a coach? It is a lot of work with very little pay (until you get to the highest levels). The hours are not great and the coach get’s very little credit when things go well – but much of the blame when they go bad. Why would someone subject themselves to that? Coaching... Read more »

Why They Call You "Coach"

Why They Call You "Coach"
Many years ago when I first got into the profession, I would tell people that I was Coach and they would ask me, “What sport?” I would relish in sharing stories about the teams and players that I was going through this journey with and everything seemed to come back to one of those stories.... Read more »

Shame On ESPN's Tim Keown For Writing Such A Piece: "NFL and WADA? No thanks"

I can’t believe Mr. Keown is actually serious with this stuff: “You want to destroy the NFL as we know it? If you collected 20 of the smartest sports minds in the world to address that question, it wouldn’t be long before someone would stand up and say, “‘I’ve got it. This is the worst... Read more »

Parental Behavior At Youth Sporting Events Still An Issue

Ever been to a youth sporting event where parents yell and scream at, or belittle, the players on the field–sometimes their own. How about these same individuals badgering referees and/or coaches during the game, maybe after the game, maybe even coming to blows over a disagreement that occurred during the game, ever seen that? For... Read more »

Former New York Mets Manager Stresses Building Mind & Heart

Joe Davidson recently published a wonderfully titled piece, Hometown Report: Jerry Manuel says build character _ winning will come, in The Sacramento Bee regarding former NY Mets manager Jerry Manuel. Normally, I am not one to get to excited about managers of major league baseball teams; however, that part of the title, Jerry Manuel says... Read more »