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Top Doping Agencies (WADA, CCES, USADA) "Challenge" UFC's Claim Of "Toughest Drug-Testing In North America"

In an article titled Fighting-Anti-Doping chiefs say UFC must get serious, the global news agency Reuters reported that: “The Ultimate Fighting Championship claims to have the toughest drug-testing in North American sport but doping officials disagree and have challenged them to get serious about ensuring their sport is clean.” However, it is implied throughout the... Read more »

Part II: Nine Attributes Necessary For Athletic Greatness

In my last piece, I detailed four of my Nine Attributes Necessary For Athletic Greatness, at least from my viewpoint. You know, the characteristics that allow athletes like Derek Rose, Drew Brees, Derek Jeter, Apolo Ohno, Evan Lysacek, and Shawn Johnson, etc., to perform at levels seemingly unattainable by so many others. My hope was to... Read more »

Part I: Nine Attributes Necessary For Athletic Greatness

When watching athletes like Derek Rose, Drew Brees, Derek Jeter, Apolo Ohno, Evan Lysacek, Shawn Johnson, etc., perform at levels few ever realize, you have to wonder what they have that makes them so special, so different. In other words, the essence of what gives these individuals abilities that seem unattainable for the majority of... Read more »

Burroughs High School Baseball Coach Gives Beer To Student Athletes Ending Their Season

With the number of years I have taught and coached (30+ years teaching and 17 coaching), with many as a head coach, it never ceases to amaze me the stupidity of some people, especially those who should know better. Such a case of imbecilic behavior, downright ignorance really, took place recently at Burroughs High School... Read more »

Placing A Higher Value On The "Process" Versus The "Outcome" In Sports

In today’s sports-crazed culture, one where importance seems so misplaced on winning as the only defining measure of success and a scholarship as the “reason” for participation, one must wonder whether there is still value in athletic endeavor. From my perspective, I would say…yes there is. That is the topic discussed in the article Valuing... Read more »

Could Be A Tough "Look Back" For Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Brian Cushing, Manny Ramirez, Marion Jones, Floyd Landis, And The Like

To Reflect:  “intransitive verb to think seriously, carefully, and relatively calmly” as defined by MSN Encarta. It is a term referring to deeper thought over one’s previous actions or life experiences–at least that is the connotation I would like to use here. And it is something most of us are likely to do, at some... Read more »

What Does It Mean To Truly Succeed?

A tough question for anyone to answer as definitions can come from just about any angle. There are some who measure true success simply by the amount of money one makes, and I suppose that is one measure of success. Others would consider the level of higher education one achieves as “making it” (PHD, MBA,... Read more »

Part II: NCAA President Mark Emmert Addresses The Issue Of "Paying College Athletes"

In my previous commentary on the USA Today piece, Part I:  NCAA President Mark Emmert Addresses The Issue Of “Paying College Athletes”, we were discussing the importance of life lessons, inferring how paying college athletes would detract from this. Looking at this “paying college athletes” from another angle (one that begs us to ask some... Read more »

Part I: NCAA President Mark Emmert Addresses The Issue Of "Paying College Athletes"

“It’s grossly unacceptable and inappropriate to pay players … converting them from students to employees” says NCAA President Mark Emmert in a recent USA Today article on the subject of paying college athletes. However, Emmert does admit, according to the piece, that “it’s time for a serious discussion about whether and how to spread a... Read more »

Coach-Dads (and Coach-Moms): The Time of Your Lives (Part 3 of 3)

Coach-Dads (and Coach-Moms): The Time of Your Lives (Part 3 of 3)
Previously we presented some pitfalls when entering into youth sports as your own child’s coach. Hopefully the first 10 tips offered will get you started on the right foot as Coach-Dad or Coach-Mom. Today we’ll go through another 15 tips that were learned the hard way or stumbled on (sometimes with a few stubbed toes).... Read more »