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Athletic Talent or Strong Work Ethic, Where Parents Should Place Emphasis

The importance of parental influence over their children’s attitudes (and thus, their possible success) regarding what they can accomplish, athletic or otherwise, should never be underestimated. That is the principle topic in my recent article, Don’t Underestimate The Power of Parenting for Weplay’s Parenthood section, Expert Advice for Sports Parents. A timely piece encouraging positive parental support, you won’t want... Read more »

Ohio State Football Coach Jim Tressel Supports Joe Lukens' Sports Leader Program: A Mission Toward "Virtue"

I recently received an email from a contact of mine, Juliet Cassell of The Educated Sports Parent, regarding a website and program she felt I really needed to check out. Knowing my emphasis on building the athlete from the inside out (and how important that is with regard to the choices and actions one takes),... Read more »