2012 London Olympics: "Game On" Says David Howman, World Anti-Doping Agency Director General

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Looks like WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) is getting down to business as they strike a “landmark agreement” with the UK Border Agency regarding the trafficking of performance-enhancing drugs. They are going to “share information” as the two agencies have discovered that the same individuals dealing illegal recreational drugs have their hands all over the performance-enhancing drug market. That’s the focus in Jacquelin Magnay’s recent article, 2012 London Olympics: Landmark deal for war on drugs, at The Telegraph (telegraph.co.uk).

In a comparable Australian agreement, sports suspensions for drugs:

“have arisen tallying 40 per cent of all of its drugs cases because of information supplied by customs and border authorities. That country had recently uncovered eight instances of importation of human growth hormone, including by a trainer and a sports administrator.”

According to the article, and John Fahey (president of WADA), this type of sharing between “the UK Border Agency and with the Serious Organised Crime Agency, enabled the drug testers to build a profile on athletes, as well as their entourages for more specific target testing.”

So those Olympic hopefuls, along with their trainers, coaches, and others, who are looking to find that cheating edge over their competition, had better take note. The winds of change are coming and WADA’s got their sights set directly on YOU!!!

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