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The "Fundamental" Difference to Skill Acquisition

When you think about what makes up the foundation of a house, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For me it is cement. Yes, cement, a material that is strong and supportive, and allows building of a structure on a solid base of support. How solid that structure is will depend... Read more »

High School Athletes And Alcohol In The News Again: How To Make A Difference

 Seven WHS athletes suspended (No Video, Click Above Link)  Eight Seekonk student athletes suspended   These two stories above could have come from anywhere in the U.S., from any town or community, any high school, and on any given weekend. Next week the story could read “Four Student Athletes from ___________ High School in _________... Read more »

Tommy John Surgery: Baseball's New Performance-Enhancement Technique???

In a recent foray through my Google alerts, up pops a short researched-based piece from the AOSSM (The American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine), Misguided Public Perception on What Tommy John Surgery Can Do Apparent in New Study. Needless to say, this sparked my interest. It is in reading this AOSSM press release that it... Read more »

Part III: Development of a Coaching Philosophy - "Achieving the Vision" by Ray Lokar

Guest Post From:  Ray Lokar Whether it is a business, a team, or just some individuals’ personal goals, we can get buried in information, knowledge, terminology, and jargon and lose sight of what’s really important. We sometimes neglect what the real “bottom line” is. As I realized the need for my philosophy to be shorter,... Read more »

Agree To Disagree With LZ Granderson In His Piece "Did Lance Armstrong cheat? I don't care"

(Joel Saget / AFP/Getty Images / July 21, 2005) In a timely article by LZ Granderson, Did Lance Armstrong cheat? I don’t care, at, Granderson discusses his feelings on how he truly does not care if Lance Armstrong was an illegal performance-enhancement practitioner. Albeit with a warning that teenagers should not be allowed to... Read more »

Part II: Development of a Coaching Philosophy - "Manifesto to Mantra" by Ray Lokar

Guest Post From:  Ray Lokar What I’ve come to learn in coaching is that most of the time when I felt a sense of frustration it was because I was asking players to do something that was beyond what they were capable of doing, or at least something they were incapable of doing, on a... Read more »

Moral Dilemma Causes Top Iowa High School Wrestler to Default, Won't Face Girl

As a supporter of equal opportunity, and one who has raised two girls through high school and college sports, it is disheartening to see situations arise in high school sports where this equal opportunity causes a moral dilemma for some. Such is the case with an Iowa high school wrestler (Joel Northrup), one favored in... Read more »

Part I: Development of a Coaching Philosophy - "Beginnings" by Ray Lokar

Guest Post From: Ray Lokar Coaches are always looking for the secret to a team’s success, and many of them generate long laundry lists of qualities and attributes that they want the team to strive to refine. These values that are most important to them are really the seeds of a coach’s philosophy, and if... Read more »

2012 London Olympics: "Game On" Says David Howman, World Anti-Doping Agency Director General

Looks like WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) is getting down to business as they strike a “landmark agreement” with the UK Border Agency regarding the trafficking of performance-enhancing drugs. They are going to “share information” as the two agencies have discovered that the same individuals dealing illegal recreational drugs have their hands all over the performance-enhancing... Read more »

The Road To The NBA Starts At Birth!!! (Sarcasm Intended)

Yes, creating an NBA player begins when your offspring takes his first breath. There is no better time than before one’s first steps to start down that path to basketball greatness as crib training becomes all the rage. Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Derrik Rose had better watch out as Alan Stein, basketball specific strength & conditiong coach from,... Read more »