How Important Are Strong Fundamentals In Sports? Let Jordan McCabe's Basketball Skills Demonstrate That For You

Much of what I write, speak about, support, and encourage in athletes centers on developing the competitor from the inside out, and building them from the ground up. One’s foundation, both in thought and in action, is essential to increasing their ultimate potential as an athlete, and as a person if you take it beyond the confines of the athletic arena.

With regard to the physical side of these fundamentals (one’s athletic prowess) comes a video news story by Eric Johnson from KOMO News Channel 4 out of Seattle, Washington, titled, Little Heroes: Now this kid’s got game.

Now before I show you what this kid, Jordan McCabe, can do with a basketball, let me first emphasize that this type of skill does not just happen. It takes a great deal of dedication, perseverance, priority balancing, and a host of other internal factors to reach this level of proficiency, especially at the young age of 12.

Does Jordan have some natural talent? Of course he does. But make no mistake about it, what you are about to see was LEARNED!!!



The body never ceases to amaze me with what it can do with the right amount of effort, type of practice and focus. Simply outstanding!!!

And if little Jordan continues to show a love for the game, further develops his fundamentals and mastery over the skills needed to play, and develops positively on the inside (strong character, continued work ethic, discipline, sacrifice, heart, priority-setting and a solid balance in his life), it is likely you will see great things from him some day.

Great things!!!

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