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POLL - Toddler Sports Training: Parenting 2011

In my last piece, Athletic Sports Training For Toddlers:  Parenting 2011, I highlighted a trend toward fitness training toddlers through Gymco sports in Grand Rapids Michigan. Here’s your chance to weigh in on the topic. poll by

Athletic Sports Training For Toddlers: Parenting 2011

In a recent piece on CNN, Extreme Parenting:  Toddler Fitness, reporter Christine Romans highlights a trend in Grand Rapids, Michigan toward basic sports training for toddlers. The program is run by Doreen Bolhuis through her company Gymco sports. As Doreen puts it, “We would not leave academic education to chance and hope that children figure... Read more »

Dr. Rober Weil, "The Sports Doctor," Gives His Take On Drugs And Sports

With the current media attention given to steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, one might think that this is the only “drug” issue facing athletes in our current sports environment. However, as Dr. Weil points out in his piece at Trib Local Naperville (Illinois), Link of Sports And Drugs Runs Deep, this is not the case.... Read more »

Former Downers Grove South Soccer Player Hits Chicago Fire Tryouts

In the Fall of 2004 Downers Grove South High School soccer standout Andrew Lichaj helped his team, and head coach Jon Stapleton, come away with the coveted IHSA boys soccer State Championship. That was a good year for DGS soccer, as it was also a good year for Andrew. The kind of year that lasting... Read more »

ATHLETES: Closing The Gap Between Where They Are & Where They Want To Be

Why is it that some athletes are able to improve their abilities, moving ever closer and closer to the goals they set, while others tend to stagnate, seeming to forever stay distant from what they want to achieve? Is there something special the former knows that the latter doesn’t; a viewpoint that puts the successful... Read more »

Player Removal Rule For Youth Basketball League In Southern California: POLL

Guest Poll From:  Ray Lokar In the second part of Maintain Good Sportsmanship in Youth & High School Sports Using “Mismatch Etiquette” I mention the new Player Removal Rule adopted by a youth basketball league in southern California. A rule they implemented in order to try and keep differences in game scores in check. 12.1... Read more »

Part II: Maintain Good Sportsmanship in Youth & High School Sports Using "Mismatch Etiquette"

Guest Post From:  Ray Lokar Last time we discussed some of the realities of mismatched games in youth and high school basketball. Today we’ll present some strategies to use during mismatched contests, and the objective for employing those tactics. Remember, the key point is to explain this to the players so that they realize that... Read more »

Part I: Maintain Good Sportsmanship in Youth & High School Sports Using "Mismatch Etiquette"

Guest Post From:  Ray Lokar Managing mismatched games is always an issue in youth and high school sports. Often there is great disparity in the skill level of players, goals of each team, first round tournament match-ups of top vs. bottom seeds, or imbalanced leagues that cause many of these games to occur.  In youth... Read more »

Lawrence Taylor, Tiger Woods, Michael Vick, A-Rod; Asks The Question: "Does Sport Participation Build Character?"

In a recent article, Does Sport Participation Build Character?, written by Rob Haworth, Assistant Superintendent of Valparaiso Community Schools, Mr. Haworth raises some pretty thought-provoking questions regarding character building: Did sports participation build the character of the professional football player who funded a dog fighting ring? Did sports participation build the character of the high... Read more »

Ray Lokar Of Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) To Submit Articles For "The Athlete's Sports Experience"

Ray Lokar I am pleased to introduce Ray Lokar as a guest writer to The Athlete’s Sports Experience. As an experienced coach, and a lead trainer for the Positive Coaching Alliance, he brings a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to my blog here at ChicagoNow. Just a quick look through his credentials below gives... Read more »