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Unsportsmanlike Behavior At Its Absolute Worst In A Florida High School Basketball Game

When I read the title of this article from, Florida High School Basketball Player Attacks Referee Over Ejection, I certainly wasn’t prepared for what I saw. Oh sure I expected some bad behavior, seen it many times from athletes and even from parents, but actual physical contact like this – twice, nope, wasn’t really... Read more »

New Mexico Takes The Lead In Addressing Underage Drinking By Athletes

Consumption of alcohol by minors, and the problems and heartache it causes, is a common issue facing most all communities today. Especially bothersome is the fact that some of the worst offenders seem to be athletes, most of whom (if not all) have promised to refrain from partaking in such activities by signing an athletic... Read more »

How To Set "Winning" In Motion Through Mastery: A Perspective On Achieving Excellence In Sports

Ever wonder how certain athletes, a select few, seem to consistently be able to compete at the highest level? You know what I mean; athletes who execute their skillset, or just plain perform, better than those around them; something they seem to do more often than others no matter what pressure they are under. What... Read more »

Empowering Athletes Through Ownership Creates A Better Sports Environment For All

I have long believed in placing more responsibility for athletic success directly on the shoulders of the individuals who have the most control over attaining that success, the athlete. This belief has grown out of my 38+ years of sports involvement in various capacities as an athlete, teacher, coach, and parent. It is virtually impossible... Read more »

The Heart Of A Champion Athlete Takes Many Forms

We have all seen it, right? You’ve probably come across it as a spectator, or maybe as a competitor, where an athlete, or team, demonstrates an immeasurable amount of inner will and determination that lifts them above and beyond insurmountable odds. A kind of superhuman perseverance you might say. Like when the U.S. Olympic Hockey... Read more »