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America's Team, A Cultural Sports Experience Going Beyond U.S. Shores

Connections, commonalities, differences, and unique experiences can all help create special opportunities for learning that without these pieces would be near impossible. These are but a few of the important concepts behind the vision and mission of America’s Team, an organization founded by Brigham Joy. This past November, I had the distinct pleasure of being... Read more »

Poll: Should Steroid & PED Testing For The London 2012 Olympic Games Start NOW?

Based on my recent post, Anticipate Illegal Performance Enhancement (Steroids, HGH, Etc.) To Be Hot Topic At London 2012 Olympic Games, let’s take a vote and see where everyone sits on this issue. poll by

Anticipate Illegal Performance Enhancement (Steroids, HGH, Etc.) To Be Hot Topic At London 2012 Olympic Games

A recent article in the online Opinion section of The Salt Lake City Tribune, Expect illegal drugs at 2012 Olympics, highlights the likelihood of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs and practices to be a big part of London’s 2012 Olympic Games. Their recommendation:  To stop athletes from doping during the London Games in 2012, start... Read more »

Poll on Terrelle Pryor, Four Other Ohio State Buckeyes, & The Sugarbowl

In continuation of my piece Quarterback Terrelle Pryor & Four Other Ohio State Buckeyes Suspended By NCAA!!!, poll by

Quarterback Terrelle Pryor & Four Other Ohio State Buckeyes Suspended By NCAA!!!

So you want another example of how $$$$ have corrupted the deeper meanings that once brought pride to those who achieved great things in sports? How one’s sense of value and perspective get bent out of shape when financial rewards take precedence over expectations and “rules” of the game. You don’t have to look any... Read more »

Have We Truly Lost Perspective In Our Sports And Youth Sports Culture: Poll

I refer a lot to the loss of perspective, at least that I see, in sports today on my blog here at ChicagoNow. It does seem that barely a week goes by without hearing at least a few stories that involve poor character choices by athletes, unscrupulous, exploitive behavior by someone involved in sports, unsportsmanlike... Read more »

The "Real" Rewards Of Playing Competitive Sports Are On The Inside!!!

Do you want to know one of the best ways to keep kids interested and motivated throughout their sports experience? What is it that will most likely keep them coming back and moving up that ladder of improvement and success? And what will make them most proud when they reflect back on their career? If... Read more »

Pro Before Pro, Following The Dollars Into High Profile Amateur Sports

One of the big news stories in amateur sports this past fall focused on the Cam Newton scandal and that $180,000 his father allegedly requested from Mississippi State for Cam’s commitment there. The idea of using a child’s athletic talents for one’s own personal gain certainly smells of exploitation, something frowned upon by most. As... Read more »

High School Athletic Codes, Have They Gone Too Far - Opinion Poll

Based on my last piece, School Board President Initiates Change In High School Athletic Code Without Community Input, I thought I would put the question of athletic code consequences for off-campus infractions out there for a vote. Feel free to comment as well!!!  poll by

School Board President Initiates Change In High School Athletic Code Without Community Input

Should high school athletic codes include consequences for alcohol or drug use outside of school time and off school grounds as many of them do? It appears Frederick County Board of Education school board President Brad Young doesn’t think so as he took it upon himself to initiate a change that removed the penalty for... Read more »