New Mexico Takes The Lead In Addressing Underage Drinking By Athletes

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Consumption of alcohol by minors, and the problems and heartache it causes, is a common issue facing most all communities today. Especially bothersome is the fact that some of the worst offenders seem to be athletes, most of whom (if not all) have promised to refrain from partaking in such activities by signing an athletic code at their schools.

No stranger to this problem is the State of New Mexico where it is believed they lead “the nation of kids who drink under the age of 13,” and where “Other statistics show 20% of alcohol is consumed by underage drinkers.” At least that is what’s been reported at KRQE News 13 ( recently in a story titled, Educators: underage drinking big problem.

What is interesting and unique about this story is that New Mexico Activities Association Associate Director Robert Zayas decided that something had to be done. This prompted the starting of a new program titled the “Life of an Athlete” this past July. The whole premise behind the program is to have student athletes deliver the message about the poor choice of underage drinking and its consequences, its impact on others, and give student athletes a chance to participate in the curriculum they offer.

Viewing the following news clip truly puts this program into proper perspective: 

And if you are interested in seeing why this continues to be a problem (just about anywhere in the country) with teens and high school athletes, just take a look at this young adult’s viewpoint on the whole athlete underage drinking issue at 

Westhill’s athletic code highly unrealistic

Wow, that sure is an eye opener. And the sad thing is, young adults are not the only ones with a dangerous perspective like this, there are parents who think this way too!!!


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